Hartz Kitten Milk Replacement killed my kitten

A week ago, my grandmother came home with a kitten  she had received from a neighbor that was only about four weeks old.  We realized that Rocky, the name we decided to call the kitten,  hadn’t been weaned and went to find some kitten milk that  he could eat.   I went to Wal Mart to find some and bought the only product the store I went to had: Hartz Kitten Milk Replacement.  Almost 24 hours after his first bottle of this formula, he went into convulsions and was in almost a catatonic state until today when he started having convulsions and died.  He was perfectly fine being a playful and happy kitten that enjoyed being cuddled and held until I gave him that formula.  If somebody is reading this that is considering buying this product for your kitten, don’t do it!!

4 thoughts on “Hartz Kitten Milk Replacement killed my kitten”

  1. The kitten likely died of parvo or a similar, common virus he was too young to be vaccinated for, not from the milk substitute. It’s fine to blame a product when a line can be drawn between its use and a subsequent negative event. That is not the case here. I’ve taken in strays and lost them to disease before they could be innoculated. It’s tragic, but know the cause.

  2. The kitten was perfectly fine until I gave him the Kitten formula so no, it wasn’t parvo that killed Rocky. I have family members that are Veterinarian’s that told me it was the formula.

  3. I always use canned goat milk (also available at Wal-Mart on the baking aisle). It’s easily digestible, and every kitten I’ve ever bottle raised has thrived on it! :o)

  4. The person with the first post is obviously a hartz supporter/employee. Everyone knows cats don’t get parvo! Dogs get parvo and pitbulls are actually more susceptible to it. The kitten died from the formula! I have a one week old kitten recovering for that horrible milk! I’m hoping its not too late and that she makes it. All if hartz products need taken off the market!

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