15 thoughts on “Hartz Killed My Chihuahua’s”

  1. Just to make it clear to anyone who thinks I let them suffer. I’ve spent well over $1000.00 in veterinary and veterinary hospital bills over the past several weeks. I tried everything I could afford. They offered to do MRI’s and spinal taps however the $10,000.00 just wasn’t possible. Gizmo was on injections of bupenorphren every six hours as well as an oral painkiller. I’m sorry the video are disturbing but this is what Hartz will do to your pet if you don’t know the facts.

  2. CARE CREDIT is a card for animals all vets offer it,good vets that is!I paid 1200 because my cat had crystals they signed me up for care credit,But what really disturbs me is that your vet saw this and let them suffer anyway?how could a vet do that that really loves animals my vet would have said bring him in and pay me what you have because it was a life or death situation,those cheap methods for getting rid of fleas is torture,never give anything to your pet without asking a vet first,in your case I would find another vet and sue the shit out of hartz,it won’t bring those poor babies back but maybe it will stop the murder of other innocent animals!!!!sorry for your loss!

  3. Jason I understand your reason for the video and it it quite clear you did everything you could for your babies. I think that video should be on the six o’clock news everywhere. So sorry for your loss I will be doubling up on posting notes for people not to use Hartz. I will be interested to see what the autopsy shows.

  4. I used Hartz flea bath on my Lhasa Apso in July 2011 and after that he has had this awful cough. Vets says from a heart mumor but he is on meds for the heart murmor and he still has a cough sounds human… I cant afford 250 bucks for a x ray and blood work and they have no payment plans.. I think this also caused his coughing because it started after that.

  5. I think this entire site (and this video in particular) should be a lesson to all dog owners: research ANYTHING before you give it to your pets!

  6. Jason You need to find a lawyer in your area,I don’t know where you live but with all the people on this website with sick pets and dying pets they need a voice,I know that you can’t put a price on your pets but if there is a class action suit started,these a holes will get hit in the pocket book, I pay 13 dollars for one frontline for my cats,they also go by weight,what this flea stuff is its actually pesticide,so check the internet and you have a powerful tape there that will def help in a case against them!I hope and pray you get justice for these little ones,it broke my heart to see them suffer,Good luck,and I will also try to research Animal Rights Attorneys!

    God Bless
    you in your grief

    1. There was a class action suit years ago. HArtz either scared or bought off the individual who started it. It was settled out of court anyone who joined the suit and would sign Hartz release gottheir Vet bills paid. Last year was the first time an individial won a case against Hartz and it was in TX

  7. Texas Bulldog Owner Wins Verdict Against Hartz Mountain Pet Products. Everyone who’s been a victim should follow this Guy’s lead. Let’s each individually take them to small claims. Death by a Million Paper cuts.

  8. to those of you who think this man was just “sitting there making a video” of his dogs dying, you are totally out of line. Just like any other health care, people have to give meds or treatment time to work. This person did take the dog to the vet, as you can see in a part of the video. It takes time to evaluate what happens when pets or humans are being treated by medication, etc. So, if you don’t or have never owned a pet, keep your comments to your self. If you DO own a pet, and yours is healthy, I hope you are NEVER traumatized by a life-threatening situation to your loving animal. You don’t know what you would do, nor how you would do it when and animal OR a loved one may pass.

    Frankly, this video SHOULD be sent to Hartz. BUT, there’s a problem: there is no real indication, IN THE VIDEO, that there was a Hartz product put on the pets. There is where the problem actually lies. And, I’m there is no criticism in the video nor the owners involved in that opinion.

  9. This is the complaint I filed with the EPA It contains a chronology of the events which occurred after application of Hartz Ultra Guard Rid Flea & Tick Shampoo Fresh Scent.

    1. Name(s) and EPA registration number(s) of product(s) applied,-

    Hartz Ultra Guard Rid Flea & Tick Shampoo Fresh Scent Reg# 2596-153 EPA Est# 11525-il-001

    2. Active ingredient of the product (if known; can be found on the product label),


    3. Breed(s) and age(s) of animal(s) and any other factors needed to understand any previous medical condition(s) of animal(s),

    2 chihuahua’s, DJ-13 yrs. Gizmo-2yrs.

    4. Who applied the product(s)-owner or veterinarian,


    5. Length of time between application and reaction,

    5 Minutes

    6. Description of adverse reaction,

    Trouble breathing, Seizures, Trouble Walking, Head Bobbing, Rear end paralysis, Painful crying, Twitching, Skin Lesions, Low Energy

    7. Date(s) on which adverse reaction occurred,

    5/28/2012 Seizure’s began,

    5/29/2012 Heads Bobbing having difficulty walking

    5/30/2012 Gizmo Develops a rash on his neck.

    6/4/2012 Gizmo developing lesions on his right leg and right rear hind quarter, DJ Having trouble walking no balance.

    6/06/2012 Take dogs to Vet. Because they are continuing to get worse. DJ’: Body is completely limp, very lethargic, head bobbing so bad cannot drink from water bowl. Gizmo: Head bobbing Severely, Sores getting worse, Extreme Difficulty Walking. They give sub-cutaneous fluids, Blood tests on both dogs and Suggest Washing dogs again in Dawn dish soap to remove any residual chemicals. Took both dogs home and washed.

    6/08/2012 Gizmo: Right Knee developed sub-cutaneous infection extending into lower leg. DJ: Can’t walk continuing to have seizures. Take both dogs to CSU veterinary hospital, They do more blood test on both dogs and complete neurological exams on both. They give both dogs prednisone and Gizmo also receives a painkiller, antibiotics and a e-collar to wear to keep him from licking his wound.

    6/11/12 DJ: Whining from pain, begins slowly and by the end of the night having seizures 2 times an hour which are lasting longer than a minute each.

    6/12/12 DJ:

    2:00 A.M. Crying and barking in pain, floating in and out of seizures.

    8:00 A.M. Seizing almost continuously crying and barking.

    9:00 A.M. Take DJ to vet. continuously seizing barking crying,

    9:15 A.M.Vet Gives two options Induced Coma or Euthanasia.

    9:45 A.M. DJ Euthanized due to uncontrollable continuous seizing

    Ticket #:


    Date Created:

    6/02/2012 11:45 AM EDT

  10. Jason, I’m so sorry that you had to go through all of this. I didn’t watch the video because I just can’t stand to see any animal suffer, but I know how horrifying it was watching my cat gasp for breath. William is absolutely correct about medications taking time to work. Veterinarians aren’t miracle workers, either. They (like MD’s) always start with the least invasive, most passive treatment available. If that doesn’t work, they move on to the next step. The other thing many people don’t understand is the confusion involved when dealing with a sudden barrage of weird symptoms from your pet. Literally, one moment they’re fine and the next, they’re coughing, falling down, howling, convulsing or all of the above. I live in a rural area. My cat didn’t begin showing signs of poisoning until well after midnight on a Saturday. I had no car that weekend, so getting him to an emergency vet was a challenge that took quite awhile to resolve. I was also quite freaked out and honestly, I was so startled that I began to panic. Until someone has experienced what you did, they really have no right to judge or question how things went down. Bless your heart for enduring your loss and now, the negative comments. Know in your heart that you did everything you could for those pups and don’t let the negative people get to you. There’s always one in every crowd…

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