A plea to all Hartz victims…

Please hold the stores that carry these products liable!

Hartz is not the only one I blame for making my dogs ill. There has to be some blame put on stores who agree to carry this garbage and the sales people who tout it so highly. And holding a store and its employees liable was exactly what I did after my horrible ordeal.

My story begins at pet smart while looking for some flea control for my puppy. My local pet smart only carried Hartz. In reading the back of the package i discovered the minimum age for use was 12 weeks. The three puppies I was fostering were only 10 weeks. In speaking with a sales associate she assured me that if I split a whole tube for small dogs between three puppies, there shouldn’t be an issue and then went on to tell me she did the same when all her dogs were puppies. It made sense at the time that a third of a tube wouldn’t hurt my puppies when the size amount was correct and divided by three.

So as directed on the back of the package I applied a few drops on the neck of each one and rubbed it in with my fingers.. but instead of using a third of the tube for each puppy, to be on the safe side I used a half of a tube for all three instead of a whole one and proceeded to just throw out half the tube.

Less then twenty minutes later all three started to gauge and throw up. I panicked because at first i thought they were choking on something and after checking their throats thought maybe it was food poisoning and gave them some milk to pass whatever was in their system quickly.

Later that evening I began to gauge the same way and began throwing up all my food. It was horrible first night, me and three sick puppies. It was only at that point that i realized the only thing we had in common was hartz.

I immediately bathed all three puppies in a panic with dawn dish soap, and the although the vomiting didn’t stop completely, it subsided a bit. It took a week to have the puppies return to normal without throwing up every hour or so. I felt so awful but the worst part was, THEY WERE STILL INFESTED WITH FLEAS!

There is something very unsettling about the fact, the only thing Hartz wont kill is fleas. After I could manager to leave the house without throwing up, I immediately took the remaining two tubes to pets mart and confronted both the sales associate and the manager.

Luckily I stumbled on this site and printed out a list of stories. I handed them to both the manager and sales associate. The manager refunded my money but apologized that they couldn’t remove the item from the shelves, as it was head office who decided what products they carry. I called up their head office and threatened to sue them senseless.

The most insulting part of the whole ordeal though was the sales associate admitted she DIDN’T EVEN HAVE ANY PETS. She made up having dogs and ever even using Hartz.

I encourage all of you to begin complaining to all the companies that carry Hartz instead of Hartz themselves. Hartz doesnt care as long as they are making money but if a large company begins pulling the product because of too many complaints Hartz will notice.

Thank you for the chance to vent hartzvictims.org


6 thoughts on “A plea to all Hartz victims…”

  1. I am so sorry for the experience you had. And I am dismayed to learn that this happened at PetSmart, the store I normally buy my Science Diet cat food from. They have so many good natural products that I am truly shocked they would carry Hartz flea products. And it was incredibly irresponsible of the clerk to advise you as she did.

    I am so glad you confronted them and posted your story here. I e-mailed PetSmart.com informing them I will not be purchasing from them again until they remove these products from all their store shelves across the country.

  2. I do feel sry for what happened but ta called common sense! you used the flea medicine even though it says on the back don’t use on puppies under 12 weeks of age! I have never used flea stuff on puppies under 12 weeks I wnt put it on them til heir 16 weeks! Any dog or cat can have a reaction to any flea medicine! N if ur dogs were still covered in fleas then u obviously didn’t use dawn dish soap bc dawn dishsoap smothers hem n kills them! N puppies that r 10 weeks shouldn’t b covered in that many fleas especially if u raised them. I breed dogs n never have had a flea problem on puppies yet! It’s called keep hem in the house n bath them weekly!

  3. If you read the post you’d have read that I was wrongly mis informed by a pet smart employee who assured me she had used the flea meds on her puppies with no ill effect and even gave me a specific dose which seemed to make sense 1/3 of a bottle of a small batch of flea meds from any other brand wouldn’t have harmed them (As my vet later used proper flea medication on my puppies). And no offense but i’m not taking any advice about common sense from someone who spells like they are five.
    Seriously its spelled because not bc, and its spelt an not n. Talk to me when you learn to read and write and maybe pass the third grade.

  4. Also Ashley… I didnt raise them. I as fostering them from a flea ridden shelter in Mexico. Again, talk to me when you learn to read and write. Also someone who cant spell probably shouldn’t be breeding dogs. This is why we are over populated with dogs that get sent to kill shelters that I have to rescue.

  5. Ashley don’t be so heartless. I’m glad you have a vast knowledge of flea medication. Please use the time you have invested in learning that in learning correct spelling and grammar. There is also a common human emotion that most people have, It’s called empathy. You may not agree with what someone does but you don’t have to be so vicious in your response. I personally would not use Hartz but I feel horrible for what iheart8 went through and how those puppies suffered. Kudos to you iheart8 for saving and foster those pups and SHAME on pet smart for lying to you.

  6. Ashley: How about a LITTLE BIT OF compassion here?! How unfortunate 4 you, NOT 2 have ANY perspective on THIS situation! Yet Again…I’m reading about the Horrrible Deaths of someone’s dear pups at the hands of the HARTZ Corporation! It Sickens & Angers Me! This is NOT an ad OR Commercial: BUT…I use CedarCide products on my Pets & recommend them highly. Damn. It’s time we STOPPED poisoning our Pets!!! 😉

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