Thank God I read these posts!

I had some of this stuff in my cabinet and I think it was a little old. I used it on my two dogs the other night and thankfully they haven’t had any side effects. It actually did not work to kill any fleas so I was looking at Advantix. I wanted to see what the ingredients were that are in Hartz to make sure I wouldn’t poison my pets by adding the new treatment. That is how I happened on this site. I think my solution was old and that might be why it didn’t work or that they didn’t have any of these terrible side effects. My heart goes out to every single person who has lost a pet or who has been affected by this terrible product. I have other Hartz products in my cabinet which I have now thrown out. I will never use anything they make again or any of their flea treatments to save a buck. I signed the petition and i strongly urge everyone else to as well so everyone’s voice is heard. I’m not sure if contacting your Attorney General would help but it might be worth a try.

Respectfully yours.

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