June 9th 2012 – We need to get rid of Hartz

BE AWARE!!  That this can happen to your little guy even if u have used this product before.

June 9th 2012 – I purchased Hartz Flea control applied to my cat around 5pm and by 11pm I had  chunks of fur through out my house.

June 10th 2012- Woke to more chunks of hair found through out my house.  Thought it could be form the Hartz Flea Control but he seemed to be his happy self and was in dire need of wanting out for his usual morning outing.

Concerned for him I found this site and was startled that there are so many people with the same problem and nothing has been done to Hartz.

I am nervously waiting for my cat to return.  Tried to locate him, but no luck.  I Thank You All for the advice you have shared and I will give him a bath as soon as I find him.   Fingers crossed he just needs this STUFF WASHED OFF HIM.

Heading back out to see if I can find him.


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  1. Yes, he returned home 🙂 Gave him a bath to try to get as much of it off!! He seems to be ok. Not letting him out and keeping a close eye on him.

  2. Candace, How is your cat? I gave my cat the same stuff and one day later she had a bald spot n a little red scratch. I assume she scratched at it herself. I washed her with dawn dish detergent and rinsed he w/ lots of water. I am hoping she will be ok. I will NEVER put that crap on her again!!!

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