6 deaths at the animal hospital I volunteer at alone! We need to do whatever we can to bring awareness. A woman contacted me, and she is writing an article about this product! Just pass this around, tell your family and friends, and blog about this like crazy! We can save lives! This is a lawsuit waiting to happen!


  1. I have a FB group and website now, since the death of my Big Blued Siamese “Brother” from over a year ago now. And urge all of your followers to file a complaint with the EPA and have your Vet file a complaint with the EPA we need to let them know HOW MANY of our beloved friends are being lost because of Hartz BAD products.

    EPA link to FILE A COMPLAINT: http://www.epa.gov/pesticides/health/pets.htm

  2. Encourage anyone that their pet(s)has had an adverse reaction to file a complaint where you purchased the product, contact
    National Pesticide Information Center [email protected], contact Hartz and keep all your receipts and documentation of all the events, even phone calls made. Contact your General Attorney and Better Business Bureau. I am the one that lost 4 cats after applying to 5. Hartz is denying any wrong in my case, but I am not giving up! As long as Hartz can keep the registration # of the product and make money they will continue to put the product on shelves. Heartbreaking when dollar signs mean more than the value of life!

  3. This problem has been going on for years and years. We applied Hartz flea to our cat about 18 years ago and she died. The flea spray poisoned her. Got a lawyer and we found out that Hartz is and had been aware animals were and are getting sick or dying but they don’t have to do anything. Also, it isn’t only their line of flea and tick. Supposedly their pet snacks and foods are a problem, too. Most of the animals aren’t pure bred so according to the lawyer at that time you can’t get anything from Hartz anyway. There is no emotional value that can be placed on the animals. Also, Hartz trys their darndest to say and prove you did somthing wrong in applying the product, the animal was too old, or too young – anything to say it wasn’t the product causing the illness/death. We didn’t have more backing (more people/animals) to proceed and if we would have lost apparently we would have had to pay Hartz’s lawyers. Even with our doctors letter stating it was poisoning from the Hartz (and it wasn’t their first case). So Hartz is able to continue to market this stuff. I have never bought a Hartz product since whether it be a toy, shampoo, flea & tick, etc. and won’t either. None of their products are worth it.

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