Lesson Learned

I can’t believe this site exists! I got online to see if I could find a safe flea and tick control product for my cats. This is the second time (I’m embarrassed to admit) I’ve endangered my cats with a Hartz product. Years ago I picked up a Hartz f&t product and used it on my 2 cats. One of my cats started having neurological symptoms (he looked like he was in shock) with in hours of applying the s…stuff. Pepper is a big boy, 15 pounds of lean, sweet cat. By the next morning, he looked even worse. I was really scared and took him into my vet. I hadn’t made the connection yet between the product and his look and behavior. My vet asked me what the greasy stuff was on his coat between his shoulder blades and I said it was flea /tick medication. He looked at me and asked if the product was made for cats. I assured him it was! He asked me if I could smell the stuff…that cats noses are way more sensitive than ours…and if he had that on him, he would go nuts too. He told me to go home and give Pepper a bath and get it off of him. That’s what I did and Pepper returned to normal by the next day. I was blessed that it wasn’t worse than it was. I even took the remaining medication and the box into my vet. I wanted to be sure he knew I had used a product made for cats.

I stayed away from that stuff until yesterday! I guess I was buying for price and didn’t even notice that it was a Hartz product. It was UltraGuard Plus for cats. I applied it yesterday afternoon. Pepper didn’t get much of his dose because he took off like a shot and I couldn’t get near him for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, Rambo and Katy-Did didn’t run fast enough! When I got up today, there were clumps of hair all over the house…from Rambo. It was like a bad dream. I gave him a bath as fast as I could and then scrubbed Katy-Did. When finished, Katy’s coat in the back and down the side of her neck (she spread it around while scratching) was still greasy, so she had to go through bath # two.

I was lucky. I am so sick and sad about all the stories of pets that weren’t so lucky. How can this STILL be happening?? Count me in if there is anything I can do to help in this fight. Hartz’s has to know what is happening and still it goes on!



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  1. File an adverse effect report with National Pesiticide Information. They will report it to EPA. You may also contact the store where you purchased it and Hartz, etc. Hartz by law has to report the adverse effect report to EPA. Don’t be surprise that Hartz will accept no blame. Just be prepared if you contact them. I lost 4 cats after the use of their product.
    Please avoid any pet product that has tetrachlorvinphos (Rabon, Gardona).

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