How do these people sleep at night?

I wish I had found this website before buying and using this product from my local Petco, who will also be receiving a letter from me about selling this at their stores. As new dog owners, we were unaware that such dangerous, unregulated products could be sold without warning or repercussion. And apparently we were lucky that all that happened to our 9-month-old pup Charlie was a night of vomiting and a $200 vet visit.

Thank you for creating this website, and bravo for having such good SEO that your site shows up above the brand’s own website on Google! I will be spreading the word about this lethal product in every avenue available. My heart goes out to everyone who posted their stories.

3 Replies to “How do these people sleep at night?”

  1. You’re welcome. And there’s not much intentional SEO behind it. Just 10+ years of stories, photos, links, warnings and comments from thousands and thousands of victims.

  2. Are we without recourse? Is word of mouth the best we can do? Is there no over-site agency? I can’t get this website off my mind…it makes me sick…..and I agree that it is wonderful that this website is posted above the Hartz website. I was actually trying to go to the Hartz website to get a list of their products so I would never buy another one.

  3. Report the incident to the manufacturer of the product. They are required by federal law to report the incident to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (which regulates the sale of pesticide products). The manufacturer’s phone number should be listed on the product label, or you can find it on their website. Seek reimbursement for your veterinary expenses! If the manufacturer refuses to take responsibility and reimburse your veterinary expenses, consider filing a case in your local small claims court (request a jury trial if that option is available to you). The filing costs are low and you don’t need a lawyer to represent you.

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