Flea Shampoo Gave My Little a Seizure….

I have 2 chihuahuas…Rexx who is 4 years old and his son Little Man who is 9 months old. I had used the flea treatment on them both a month ago and they were fine.They didnt have the flea treatment at the store this month so I bought the Flea Shampoo instead. I bathed them both last night and then today Little Man had a seizure. I wasn’t sure if it was the shampoo or not until I found this website….It breaks my heart to read all of these sad stories and the fact that these products are still being sold even after all of the horrible pain they have caused. Little Man seems normal now hes running around and playing so I’m hoping it didn’t have a permanent effect on him and that he won’t have anymore episodes. I am glad I found this site so I knew the cause and not to buy Hartz anymore!! I dont know what I would do without my babies =(

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  1. THIS STUFF Is. DANGEROUS DO NOT USE. I used it on my three month old chihuahua and now she is havin mini seizures hope she makes it gonna complain but doubt it will help

  2. I wanted to find out exactly what the name of the shampoo was you used. I have Sergeant’s PreTect flea & tic shampoo for cats and kittens. Thanks for your time. ~Marie

  3. i used the hartz flea & tick pine scented shampoo i think it was…i threw it away after my dog had a seizure.he had a second seizure this past sunday =(

  4. never had a problem with the shampoos . HUSBAND AND I ALWAYS USE IT ON OUR DOG.. hopefully you guys read the back on how to correctly use it… ?

  5. so we are all just stupid and its our own faults that our pets have been negatively effected by their products? dont make comments on something u know nothing about.

  6. We have also had trouble with our dog having serious seizures. The first time that it happened we had washed our dog with a flea and tick shampoo. This seizure occurred within 48 hours of the washing with shampoo. We woke up in the middle of the night with him having a seizure and of course we were totally freaked out. The next day we took him to our vet and he said that seizures are often common in dogs and that he would just have to live with that ailment. Another time after we washed him (Skippy) within 48 hours he had another seizure . Still not cayse and effect into together he went through several months without any seizures . Then my mother washed my dog one day when she was dog -sitting for us with that shampoo. He got had a seizure after that. I begin to think that this was more than coincidence and we ceased washing him withWashington with the flea shampoo . Just two days ago , my wife washed him with the flea shampoo and then rinse him off very thoroughly which I usually did not do before. I left it and yet still within 48 hours he had another seizure. Since I did not want to use my dog for guinea pig anymore I’m not going to be using the shampoo . I will find a more holistic solution to removing and eliminating fleas from his environment . By asking this information online I see that other people have reached a similar conclusion about the prethins based shampoos and the seisures it may cause. Except for the first incident there was not any stressor in his life that had triggered the seizures .I wish my veterinarian had brought yold me about the tick poison as a potential cause , and we and could’ve saved him several seizure events. I hope this is the last incident.

    1. I had same experience. I actually diluted it a lot. Not straight on my dogs. My girl just had a sezuire. Never going to use these products again.
      I am going to try cedar oil. A natural product.
      Trying a company named wondercide.com

  7. I used the flea shampoo on my chihuahua exactly as instructed. Now we both have partial seizures! I haven’t been able to work since April! I can’t find a suitable medication to control the seizures so I can go back to work. My chihuahua is kind of ok on the seizure med prescribed to her and has only had 2 breakthrough seizures since however she has become very aggressive on the medication, biting me for no reason! I can’t drive anymore and I need to sell my car and whatever else I can sell because I can’t afford anything without an income and medical expenses are killing me! My credit card is almost maxed out and it had a $0 balance when this all started! Vet bill was over $400 alone! This has completely destroyed my life! I can’t even handle shopping for a few items because of these seizures! I feel like there’s an earthquake inside my body! This is so unbelievable! Why are these products on the market? Why are they doing this to people and animals?

    1. Yes. Don’t use again. Wash your dog in regular dog shampoo. Leave on ten minutes. While you drown any fleas. Give them a massage with the shampoo on .
      Rinse very very good.
      Next put in a spray bottle. A little viniger a little cedar oil. And fill with water. Spray on coat when needed fleas hate it.
      I also give my dogs activated charcoal in a PC of meat. It gets rid of toxins.
      Also summer is here. Roaches or ants. Don’t use spray to kill them. It causes dog seizures.
      I use liquid bate on my window sills outside if the screen to stop ants coming in.
      I’m not a doctor. Just a very concerned mommy of 3 beutiful fur babies

  8. I have a one-year-old German shorthair pointer puppy who I just bathed with hearts flea shampoo. About four hours after giving the dog a bath she had her first seizure. Never using Hartz again! I knew about the dangers of Hartz flea and tick medication but thought the shampoo was fine. I WAS WRONG! not worth the risk! Our dog woke up from her seizure growling at us acting like she didn’t know who we were. Very scary and very preventable, next time we are paying for the good stuff so we don’t risk this happening again 🙁

  9. My chihuahua had a seizure 6 months ago when I bathed him & he went to his mommy’s house, then recently. I’ve been thinking what an odd coincidence the seizures happened after recent baths using flea & tic soap. I started looking up exactly that and found what it could possibly be. I’m going to stop using it. None other of the dogs have had them but this guy has so I’m going to experiment to see if they stop

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