Kitten just died – Fine before Hartz

I can’t express how angry I am right now. It was four hours ago that my kitten had his young life snatched away from him by Hartz Milk Replacement.

We started feeding it Hartz Milk Replacement for Kittens, prior to me knowing about this site. About three hours later, the kitten crawled away under a table, where we thought he was going to take a nap, since he likes to sleep. About another hour passed, and it appeared it was having a bad dream. Seconds after our kitten started what seemed like silently gasping for air. We tried to move him out from under the table, and discovered his whole body was limp. His eyes were in a dead stare, and he wouldn’t blink. Accelerated heartbeat. And very soon after – his young life ended.

We are heartbroken. All the things he never got to see and do. After reasearching online at what could have caused such a sudden thing, I stumbled upon this website, and was instantly stunned to discover that Hartz products caused deaths for other people’s pets as well. A bunch of murderers they are.

If this product did not exist, my kitten would still be alive right now. I know it.

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  1. My healthy this morning cat just died a few hours ago too. Devestating. When I found this site I was heartbroken. SO many deaths. I gave my cat a dose of their flea and tick prevention for cats and kittens. AND kittens? This poison took down a 3 year old, healthy cat in 5 hours. Sickening.

  2. I just lost my kitten tonight as well. It was fine before I started to give it Hartz and almost 24 hours later he went from being a happy and playful kitten that loved to climb on everything to becoming lethargic and having seizures. He fought to survive for two days before dying almost two hours ago. In the morning, I will have to bury him and it shouldn’t have happened. Something needs to be done about this product and the people who make it.

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