My Nana dog

Good afternoon i am a dog owner i have two beautiful Chihuahuas. One is a long haird name Gabby and the other is a short hair named nana. This story is about nana. I bought the hartz product last night thinking i could save on there care well wrong. Nana is at the vet right now with high levels from her blood work. I left my dog with an iv drip on her little leg. I am heart broken and i feel like a bad pet mom!! I used the same product on gabby and she is doing fine they just want us to watch her to make sure she is ok. Nana God really sick vomiting, couldnt stand, couldnt bark was weak. I have never seen her that way since we had her spayed. Even then she didnt vomit. I am so upset with my self and this company. i truely wish we could get it pulled from the shelves of all the stores that carry them. Please be in pray for Nana!!!! I dont want to lose my baby girl. She is my first born dog!!! Please feel free to comment.

Kitten Milk

My husband found 3 kittens that were about 3 weeks old. They were accidentally transported to the town we live in on a truck so the mother is not around. I took them with the intention of keeping them until they were a little older and then giving them away. I already have two cats. I started feeding them the hartz kitten milk. One kitten got very lathargic and sick and the vet told me that my dog must have hurt him and said there was nothing they could do for him. He was put down. Later that day, another kitten was in the same shape. Long story…..several weeks and $1300 dollars later, the vet could never tell me what kept causing these episodes. Both of the other kittens had several of them. I took them to the emergency vet 5 times. They just kept testing them for every disease out there….they never figured it out. After the last episode, I ran out of the milk and stopped feeding it to them. They never had another episode. I know it was the milk. They are 6 months old now. Needless to say, after going thru that with these little kittens, I now have 4 cats! I don’t understand why this issue isn’t known by the vets. This product needs to be taken off the shelves!!

Hartz Hairball Remedy could be the cause of my beloved cat’s death

My wonderful cat of 10 years became constipated and coughing, like he had a hairball. I had used the Hartz Hairball Remedy before even though I knew the danger so their flea products which we never use. My cat only had some of the hairball goo three times. He became lethargic and not eating as much and still wasn’t using the bathroom. We took him to the vet on Thurs.,two weeks ago. The vet said his intestines were twisted and his chest looked congested. This cat had been healthy his whole life and had never once been outside. So the vet gave him antibiotic shots and steroids. Each day for the next 3 days he became worse and worse. He would not eat,drink or go to the bathroom and he started breathing very fast and heavy. The vet saw him everyday from Thurs to Sun, and continued with the same meds and fluids. My cat just got weaker and weaker,started drooling occasionally and by Sun. he was in respiratory failure and we had to say goodbye to him. I am devastated at the loss of him and now wonder did the Hartz product cause any of this? Vet never could tell us what happened to him.

Two More Dogs Suffering

Via email from Bob:

“I am another person trying to save money and bought Hartz UltraGuard Plus! At a Pet Smart store,thinking this crap was safe……a couple hrs after giving my two little dogs 14lbs….they started acting strange(owners know) I then went online…..I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS CONTINUES!
Why is this allowed ? I am writing a letter to editor our newspaper ……this is just driving me crazy!when I went to get a refund on a second application ,the girl on cash said she can’t believe that Petsmart is still selling this crap….her cat started foaming at the mouth and vomiting,diarrhea  etc etc……after a couple hundred dollars in vet bills…….how does this affect my dogs in the future? Is Hartz or PetSmart going to pay for this…….I imagine!!”


I am very, very heartbroken. Nightmare experience!

Via email from Mary:

“I purchased Hartz Ultra Guard Plus with aloe for cats on 04/03. I had 5 cats. I sprayed each cat with the Hartz Ultra Guard Plus. On Saturday, 04/07, I found Demon, the youngest and our largest cat, with his face down on his paw. I thought he was asleep, he had passed away. I gave the other 4 cats a bath in Dawn dishwashing liquid. I called Poison Control who stated Tetrachlorvinophos was the ingredient causing the symptoms. I called the vet on call and he stated “you’re not the first person this has happened to.” The second cat, Savannah became lethargic and literally fell over into my hand. On-call vet said we could try IVs but the prognosis was not good. Vet advised to keep Savannah warm and turn her from side-to-side to keep lungs clear. Savannah died 04/08 Sunday, Easter morning. The third cat, Meiko, fought me dearly Saturday as she did not want a bath but by Monday morning, 04/09, Meiko was lethargic and her heart rate was dropping, the fourth cat, Lenayah was not eating and the fifth cat had facial twitching. I took Meiko, Lenayah and Saffire to my vet that same Monday morning. By the time I arrived, Meiko’s heart rate had dropped so low, the vet rushed her back and started Atropine and IVs. Meiko never responded to treatment and died during Monday night. Lenayah and Saffire were admitted and given IVs to flush the Hartz product from their system. Lenayah died Wednesday afternoon, 04/11, at the vet’s office. Saffire is the only survivor. She is home, gaining strength but has lost a lot of hair due to adverse reaction to the Hartz product; enough that her body literally quivers. I have never had an issue with fleas until I moved into this house. These were all indoor cats only. I deeply, deeply regret using this product! Not a day has gone by that I have not shed tears. I am the one who applied this product to my cats. I can still see Savannah’s eyes when she fell over into my hand. I miss my extended family dearly. I want to avoid this happening to others. I have included pics of Saffire, my only survivor.”


I think that stickers could be made (and made avail for purchase) so that they can be put on Hartz, PetArmor, and Sargents products (backside of product/box?) with a big warning on it so that potential buyers can be made aware of the dangers (maybe even a QR code linking to this site, in addition to putting the web address for people to visit)…. just stick a roll in your bag/car and when you go into a pet store or supermarket take it with you and stick some on the products… I’m sure it would save a lot of pets lives and pet parents the heartbreak of seeing their fur-kids suffer.