Hartz ultra guard flea and tick is scary stuff

Well on Friday around 2pm I noticed some fleas on my cat Walter . So me and my GF put half a dose on my cat  She seemed fine . Till the next morning , she was laying in the hallway not moving and her face was twitching . I immediately hopped on the computer and found this site I thought she was a goner . I washed this horrible product off and prayed that my awesome cat would pull threw . She wouldn’t eat wouldn’t move  looked miserable . We had to feed and give her water with a baby syringe  for four days in a row and shes finally back to normal . It was four days of hell . I hope my story gives some people some hope that their animals can pull threw this poisoning flea medicine ,and yes my girl cats named Walter .

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  1. Oh no. Hope your kitty is ok. My cat is deathly sick from the Hartz rid worm paste and i gave her less than what was recommended. I have flea powder and collars from them and i will be throwing them into the garbage. HOPE ALL WORKS OUT FOR YOU!

  2. In August of 2010, my cats were suffering with fleas, so I bought Sergeant’s Nature’s Guardian at a supermarket, thinking that it would be better than the chemical flea treatments I had been avoiding. I have two cats – Annie, who at the time, was very small, maybe 9 pounds; and Rocky very large, around 19 pounds.

    I used one vial for the two cats – 1/3 on Annie and 2/3 on Rocky. Rocky didn’t have an obvious reaction, but Annie started screaming and hiding. I immediately washed off what I could from both cats (it is really thick and greasy and strong smelling) and called the vet at Sergeant’s 800 emergency number. He said to use Dawn dish liquid, which I don’t buy because of all the chemicals in it (how ironic!), so I washed them with the dish liquid I had. I think it was Seventh Generation. He said he would report my complaint to Sergeant’s, but not to the EPA, because it was not an EPA registered product.

    Annie acted strange and avoided us for two weeks. Then everything seemed fine for a while. But then Annie started losing weight, and when I took her for a check-up last Fall, her blood work showed an overactive thyroid, which was causing a heart murmur, and elevated liver and kidney enzymes. I found a herbal supplement, called Resthyro, which helps cats with overactive thyroids. I didn’t want to use Tapizole, as it causes cancer and had killed one of my other cats three months after he started taking it. I found a holistic vet who put Annie on Standard Process glandular supplements for her heart, liver and kidneys and agreed that we should use the Resthyro. She has gained weight and is acting normal again.

    I feel terrible hearing about all of the animals who have suffered because of Sergeant’s and Hartz products and all of the people, who,like me, feel such awful guilt. It is as if we are living in the Dark Ages, as the taxes we pay do not protect us from unscrupulous companies and the people who own them and work for them.

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