Horrifying experience! Still scared to death!

I used Hartz Ultra Guard Plus Flea and Tick Spray for Cats on my cat Bella yesterday morning before work. She is a two year old perfectly healthy active kitty. When I came home around 3pm, she was hiding in my room and very lethargic. Immediately thinking of the flea spray, I took her and bathed her. After I dried and combed her I started looking online and came across all of this and other horrific stories. Scares me to death! I hardly slept last night; she seemed to perk up a bit after the baths (I bathed her again with the dish soap after I found out all of this stuff), and I made sure she had plenty of water last night that I had to administer with a syringe. She was not strong enough to even get up, let alone go drink some water. As of now she is still not as active as she usually is, but for the moment (with the vets advice) we’re just keeping an eye on her to see if she has any more symptoms. No tremors or seizing…but I see stories where it takes days to happen! All I have to say is this is a horrible thing to go through, and I feel so sorry for everyone who has lost a pet this way. Truly horrific. I’m hoping Bella will be ok. Hard to think trying to help her almost killed her. I wish I would have researched this before instead of after. 🙁

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  1. she will pull threw if you keep giving her water and baby food threw the baby syringe . It took my cat 4 day to get better . It was a horrible terrifying thing to go threw .

  2. Im only 13 and my mom asked me to put flea medicine on our cats whal she was out, I’m kinda a health mainiac, but one of our more outdoor cats kinda fought me putting it on her and she licked it and started drooling and foaming at the mouth when my mom got home so we washed her mouth and ect but Ive still jumped to the worst conclusion rabies until I found this site and I’ve stopped panicking I love her so much I hope that everyone finds this blog that your cat and every one else’s pets will be ok even great.

  3. Please report your adverse effect to National Pesticide Information Center, etc. http://npic.orst.edu/ Once you do this, report is filed to EPA. Feel free to contact your senator, etc. Also helpful links on this site are under the topic Need Help? Feel free to file a claim where you purchased the product. The distributor should have necessary forms. If we all take a stand to report these adverse effects to NPCI/EPA I pray we can make a difference. I lost 4 out of 5 healthy cats after the use of the Hartz product. My story is here on this site. I hope Bella is feeling much better.

  4. Get rid of that spray…It is a KILLER ; already killed my tabby of 11 y.o. …..All you get is a short unconsiderate letter from HARTZ….They know they sell killing juice…..And they laugh at you all the way to the bank…

  5. The Hartz ultra guard plus should not be on the shelves. It is lethal. It killed my pomeranian, my sweet little girl. I cant help but blame myself. She was infested with fleas. I had tried everything. Went and bought Hartz Ultra Guard plus flea and tick spray. Within a short time she was throwing up. By nightfall she could not walk, just drug her back legs. Took her to vet. She was dehydrated and lifeless. Blood test showed the pestiside. Vet said the she had so many flea bites the pesticide had soaked in her skin and it poisoned her. She passed away the following morning. To all dog lovers, NEVER buy this product. It is LETHAL.

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