Hartz Ultra Guard drops

Via email from Kara:

“Hello, I wanted to share our story with you.  Our puppy is a very lucky survivor of Hartz products.  Here is his story:

Our 12 week old min pin/toy poodle puppy is a VERY lucky survivor of Hartz. On May 7th I applied Hartz Ultra Guard drops on the advice of a family member who we got our puppy from (it is what she uses on her dogs, not anymore!). I followed the directions on the package, as he was over 4 pounds and 12 weeks old, and I only used HALF of a vial!

Exactly 24 hours after I applied the product, on May 8th, he started having seizures. An hour after they started he had no control over his body and was paralyzed in his back legs. His seizures were severe and violent, and while they waxed and waned in how spaced apart they are, most of the time they were 1-2 minutes apart (lasting about 30 seconds). He had them for 12 hours straight. He also lost control of his bladder, and was completely unresponsive the whole time minus a period in the middle for about an hour.

We thought he was going to die about 4 times because he wasn’t breathing well. Thankfully he was given enough drugs to break the seizures, and he had no liver or kidney damage. We still weren’t sure if he would have any lasting neurological effects because at this point he was still partially paralyzed. After sleeping for 8 hours, he woke up and sat up!!   He started out really unsteady and wobbly, but little by little he grew stronger and steadier. By last night on May 9th, he was playing again and getting back to his normal self.

When my husband tried calling Hartz to talk to them about it, he got a scripted response about our vet doing an autopsy on our dog and if they could PROVE their product is what killed him, then MAYBE they would reimburse us for our vet bills. When my husband then got upset (NOT rude or mean, simply upset as our puppy that we were already bonded to was suffering b/c of their product) THEY HUNG UP ON HIM! When he called back, they transferred him to a “vet” in their poison control line, and she was surprised our dog was still alive.

They were extremely rude, and proved that they know their products have this effect on pets, but they don’t care.We are so thankful that he survived, and so far has no lasting effect of his ordeal.  We are doing our best to spread the word about how bad Hartz products are.”

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  1. Please contact National Pesticide Information Center to report the adverse effect. Contact your senator, better business bureau, fill out a claim for where you purchased the product, etc. When a pet is deceased, Hartz will offer a necropsy (autopsy) but just know it will NOT show the toxicity level, which I wonder how many people are aware of this. I am thankful you have a survivor. Give him a hug and love him. I was not that lucky!

  2. ALWAYS buy flea, heartworm preventative, deworming medicine from your vet!!! I cannot stress this enough. Even Hartz shampoos are horrible. We had a dog come into my vet a few months ago that had been having seizures ever since they used the Hartz shampoo (lavender scent) and their dog is not the same to this day!!! Do not ever buy any of their products!!!! No matter how much cheaper it is, its not worth the suffering of your beloved four legged children!! and not to mention the vet bills. its really not that expensive for flea and heartworm medications at the vet! Flea preventative: $4-$12 a month depending on the weight of your dog! Heartworm preventative is the same price!!
    I have a friend and her puppy had worms. She bought Hartz deworming medicine and her puppy went into liver failure! A puppy!!! So sad!!! 🙁 but her puppy was put down. Its such a shame too.

  3. Thanks a lot for all the info on Hartz 4 in 1 Drops. Just bathed my lil guy Zipper an found a few flees. Had a tube of 4 in 1 but not directions so I researched. Thank goodness I did.

  4. WARNING!!!

    Do not ever allow Hartz to do the necropsy on your animals. Even if they are at fault they will never admit to fault. Remember these people are in business for the MONEY!!! The same thing applies to people pharmaceuticals. Check the stock market and you will find they are largely unaffected by large dips in the market!!!! I had the same thing happen to me when I almost died due to faulty interthical (sp?) pump for pain. They tested their pump and found it to be “in perfect working order”. The consensus was that since I was “old” it had to be patient error. (I am 76) and even though I keep meticulous books on my meds!!!When you age, most younger (HAH!!) etc. people assume that you are either in Alzheimer or dementia stages of one sort or another. NOT!! I agree 100% with previous writers to spend the extra $ or so and save your pets life.

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