My Nana dog

Good afternoon i am a dog owner i have two beautiful Chihuahuas. One is a long haird name Gabby and the other is a short hair named nana. This story is about nana. I bought the hartz product last night thinking i could save on there care well wrong. Nana is at the vet right now with high levels from her blood work. I left my dog with an iv drip on her little leg. I am heart broken and i feel like a bad pet mom!! I used the same product on gabby and she is doing fine they just want us to watch her to make sure she is ok. Nana God really sick vomiting, couldnt stand, couldnt bark was weak. I have never seen her that way since we had her spayed. Even then she didnt vomit. I am so upset with my self and this company. i truely wish we could get it pulled from the shelves of all the stores that carry them. Please be in pray for Nana!!!! I dont want to lose my baby girl. She is my first born dog!!! Please feel free to comment.

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  1. My dog had a bad reaction when I put this product on her. After a few hours that I put the product, she was vomiting and all her skin went red. She was rolling all around my bed, I decided to bath her, and when I open the bathroom she ran to the bathtub. Now, all her skin is irritated, the vomiting continues but at least she looks better than before. I have another dog and I use the product on her too, but she didn’t have any reaction at all, I gave her a bath to remove the product because you never know.

  2. I wish i read the comments before i applied this product on my puppy.. As soon as i applied it he took off running around as if it was burning. i gave him a bath to remove the product which i thought would help. The next day and for several days he scratch and whinned. He started shedding really bad and his ear looked very red and irritated. I took him to the vet which they said he was having somekind of allergic reaction and ended up giving him a allergy shot. Total vet cost was close to $60 for a product that i only paid $4 and some change for. Save yourself the trouble and do not buy this product!

  3. I’m so sorry about your dog Nana. I hope she is recovering well. I, like all the others on this website, wished I had come and done this research before putting this poisen on my 6 month old cockapoo. Last night, I put the Flea/Tick drops on her back and she kept scratching, after about half an hour she was really scratching her back, so I went and took a look and the area I put it on was completely red! I quickly gave her bath, to get the junk off her skin and came on the internet and found this site. I gave her two more baths after reading this site, once with dawn. She went to sleep after that but spent the whole night tossing and turning. After a while she curled up right next to me (not something she does normally) and went to sleep. She seems back to herself this morning, except that she seems tired and itchy still. I plan to give her another bath and monitor her and take her to the vet if I have to. I am completely disgusted that this product is in the stores being sold to unsuspecting pet owners like myself. I am so thankful I found this site and nothing serious happened to my dog. This company is selling poisen and needs to be put out of buisness!

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