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My husband found 3 kittens that were about 3 weeks old. They were accidentally transported to the town we live in on a truck so the mother is not around. I took them with the intention of keeping them until they were a little older and then giving them away. I already have two cats. I started feeding them the hartz kitten milk. One kitten got very lathargic and sick and the vet told me that my dog must have hurt him and said there was nothing they could do for him. He was put down. Later that day, another kitten was in the same shape. Long story…..several weeks and $1300 dollars later, the vet could never tell me what kept causing these episodes. Both of the other kittens had several of them. I took them to the emergency vet 5 times. They just kept testing them for every disease out there….they never figured it out. After the last episode, I ran out of the milk and stopped feeding it to them. They never had another episode. I know it was the milk. They are 6 months old now. Needless to say, after going thru that with these little kittens, I now have 4 cats! I don’t understand why this issue isn’t known by the vets. This product needs to be taken off the shelves!!

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  1. I went through the same with my little dog. We know it was the hartz product that we given our little dog a bath with. When we suggested it was the hartz shampoo my vet would not give it the slightest thought it was the product we had used, it was us. After many dollars spend with the vet heartboken we had her put down. I believe that kickbacks, rebates or whatever they are called are given to people who sell the product. I would never ever use another hartz product of any kind. I hope all your babies are ok now.

  2. we have a momma ferill cat who had babies on easter morning on our front porch we took momma and her babies in to our home due to the cold rainy weather,and fell in love with them all.after having them in our family for a month ,we noticed momma was not nursing them so we bought hartz kitten replacement milk and started to feed 24 hours they were becoming very sickthe next time wewent to feed them they had died i know it was this product that killed our precious babies.i held them and cried for days at theis death. the only one we have that lived is the one who did not drink thatmilk she was able to drink real milk from a bowl and refused to drink what the other babies did. it was as if she knew it was bad.PLEASE do not give this product to you kittens.watching them suffer is very heartbreaking.SOMEONE NEEDS TO GET THIS AND ALL OTHER HARTZ PROUCTS OFF THE me this company is killers of family pets

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