Hartz Hairball Remedy could be the cause of my beloved cat’s death

My wonderful cat of 10 years became constipated and coughing, like he had a hairball. I had used the Hartz Hairball Remedy before even though I knew the danger so their flea products which we never use. My cat only had some of the hairball goo three times. He became lethargic and not eating as much and still wasn’t using the bathroom. We took him to the vet on Thurs.,two weeks ago. The vet said his intestines were twisted and his chest looked congested. This cat had been healthy his whole life and had never once been outside. So the vet gave him antibiotic shots and steroids. Each day for the next 3 days he became worse and worse. He would not eat,drink or go to the bathroom and he started breathing very fast and heavy. The vet saw him everyday from Thurs to Sun, and continued with the same meds and fluids. My cat just got weaker and weaker,started drooling occasionally and by Sun. he was in respiratory failure and we had to say goodbye to him. I am devastated at the loss of him and now wonder did the Hartz product cause any of this? Vet never could tell us what happened to him.

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  1. A friend of mine posted about this on Facebook about this so I looked it up. I am not a cat person I have dogs myself but when someone posted they got the product from petsco it worryed me as i have always trusted petsco to keep bad products off of their shelfs. So i called both petsco and petsmart in my area and asked if they had this on the shelfs both do so i advised the manager of this page and they said they will contact The corporate offece on this. My opinion is it is petsmart and petscos job to pull the product from the shelf if their is any chances that this is hurting animals now and only put it back on if their OS found to be nothing wrong with the product. I advises people to contact your local pet supply stores and advising them of this. Petsmart and petsco I have Fath will pull the product if they are truly advised of this as the stores do care about pets so call your local stores , Walmart most likely will not pull unless their is a recall but contact tour local pet supply stores and advise of this website and the fact this is a chances ( and a good chances) that this is killing pets.

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