I am very, very heartbroken. Nightmare experience!

Via email from Mary:

“I purchased Hartz Ultra Guard Plus with aloe for cats on 04/03. I had 5 cats. I sprayed each cat with the Hartz Ultra Guard Plus. On Saturday, 04/07, I found Demon, the youngest and our largest cat, with his face down on his paw. I thought he was asleep, he had passed away. I gave the other 4 cats a bath in Dawn dishwashing liquid. I called Poison Control who stated Tetrachlorvinophos was the ingredient causing the symptoms. I called the vet on call and he stated “you’re not the first person this has happened to.” The second cat, Savannah became lethargic and literally fell over into my hand. On-call vet said we could try IVs but the prognosis was not good. Vet advised to keep Savannah warm and turn her from side-to-side to keep lungs clear. Savannah died 04/08 Sunday, Easter morning. The third cat, Meiko, fought me dearly Saturday as she did not want a bath but by Monday morning, 04/09, Meiko was lethargic and her heart rate was dropping, the fourth cat, Lenayah was not eating and the fifth cat had facial twitching. I took Meiko, Lenayah and Saffire to my vet that same Monday morning. By the time I arrived, Meiko’s heart rate had dropped so low, the vet rushed her back and started Atropine and IVs. Meiko never responded to treatment and died during Monday night. Lenayah and Saffire were admitted and given IVs to flush the Hartz product from their system. Lenayah died Wednesday afternoon, 04/11, at the vet’s office. Saffire is the only survivor. She is home, gaining strength but has lost a lot of hair due to adverse reaction to the Hartz product; enough that her body literally quivers. I have never had an issue with fleas until I moved into this house. These were all indoor cats only. I deeply, deeply regret using this product! Not a day has gone by that I have not shed tears. I am the one who applied this product to my cats. I can still see Savannah’s eyes when she fell over into my hand. I miss my extended family dearly. I want to avoid this happening to others. I have included pics of Saffire, my only survivor.”

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  1. Saffire is part Maine Coon with long hair. Saffire’s hair is still thin, 05/04/2012, but I am thankful she survived. I have tears in my eyes as I type.

  2. I am so sorry for your loss and that you went through that. I can’t believe that Hartz is still able to sell their products. Back in 2006, I had done the same… trying to be good to my cat Henry, but still be frugal as flea treatments can be expensive. I washed him with a Hartz flea bath and he became lethargic, unfocused and confused. I brought him to his vet ASAP and they immediately out him on an IV, saying that he had severe reactions to the flea bath/wash. His vet was furious that this product is on the market and sad that so few people knew of the potential dangers it held. I’m one of the lucky one’s, as Henry is well and still with me today. My eyes welled up reading your post. I couldn’t imagine losing Henry, let alone FOUR out of five. Such a loss.

    My question to everyone aware of this, why isn’t there a petition going around to get this stuff of the market? I had NO idea this website ever existed until I stumbled upon it today, 6 years later, and I can’t believe my eyes that so many people have and are still experiencing this tragedy.

    Does anyone know of a current petition that’s been started to remove Hartz from the shelves in our stores?

    MaryAnn ~

  3. Mary, I am so sorry for your loss, I can’t imagine how you must feel. We need to stop this company and we need to do it now

  4. Why are you not sueing those sons of guns!!?!?!!!?? They should NOT be selling this product!!!!! I am so sorry for your loss :'((

  5. I have made several contacts. Hartz has so far done nothing at all. Please feel free to contact your senators, etc. Report has been submitted to EPA. I have contacted an attorney.

  6. Rob, Thanks SO much! I had no idea there was one out there. I’m psyched to start pimping it out to friends, etc.

    Let’s get Hartz OFF the shelves!!!

  7. Soo sorry to hear of your loss.
    If I were you, and if I had time I would email the head office, and managers of every pet supply store I could find.
    Talk to the staff at your local pet supply stores, they are the most likely to actively pull the product.

  8. Im very sorry for your loss.We lost our little fella today unfortunately and we are heartbroken as well.I used the flea medication and he was able to get his head around and lick some off.He died at the emergency vet clinic 6 hours later.I applied the medication to his back and now i’m miserable with grief and guilt.I wish i had known((.I loved that little guy,he was only two years old and one of a kind.Rest in peace Tac

  9. Mary,I am sooooooooo sorry for your loss. I am truly a DOG person but saw this posted on my friends FB page. I am still an animal lover so cat,dog,monkey, they are all the same loving creatures God put on this Earth. I cannot imagine loosing any family members,let alone such little babies such as yours. But you must know that even though you feel guilt,you were uninformed and were trying to SAVE their lives and doing the best for them. The one thing you can feel good about is that when they were here they had such great lives with you being their Mama. They knew in the end you were trying to help them,and they did NOT die alone. So many cats die on the mean streets of our cities,starving,wet,alone and yours did NOT. Just know that they did NOT die in vain,the petition will circulate and hopefully with your atty.’s assistance you can gain some financial input in order to repair your life and that of your baby survivor and maybe help you to adopt more. Your family will serve as a purpose because NO ONE,and I mean NO ONE should loose five family members in a matter of days. What an impact this loss will hopefully make to Congressman,Senators,etc. and now with it being re-election,you might get lucky and someone will pay attention if not Hartz. I prayed for you and yours,God Bless….

  10. This is such a terrible, terrible story. I am so very sorry for your losses. I adopted a kitten about a month ago who was ridden with fleas and just assumed Hartz was a safe brand since it is on shelves so I bought Hartz flea shampoo, spray and carpet powder hoping they’d help. None of them did and luckily I still have my little girl. Some cats must be genetically resistant to their chemicals, sort of how some insects become resistant to pesticides. I am so happy that someone posted a petition against Hartz and I will be signing it immediately.

  11. I was heartbroken when I read about what you went through. I have 10 babies, and cannot imagine losing such a large number at once. I am so sorry for your loss. This is criminal. I just signed the petition. Will be trying to see if I can share on my FB so others can be informed and sign. I wish you and Saffire well.

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