I hate Hartz

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“I recently used hartz flea and tic drops on my dog when he began to act funny and would not settle down. He started to itch his Back continuously and when I looked I was shocked to see under his fur was bright red. After the vet shaved him we were shocked to see what this poison had done. It’s so sad this cruel company puts these animals thru so much pain and discomfort(sometimes death) just to make a buck. How is this still legal to sell after all that I have read about it?”

2 thoughts on “I hate Hartz”

  1. I tried the hatz flea spray with aloe when I could not find my regular brand. Big mistake. Both dogs scratched and licked constantly. The fleas were all over them no matter how many times I sprayed which was several rimes a day. The little one chewed out clumps of hair and the aloe made their coats greasy. I went , after 4 days, to 5 stores before I located my Adams flea spray, came home, sprayed both dogs and they are now sleeping soundly with no itching or chewing. I also ordered the extra large bottle of Adams online.A vet I worked for over 15 years ago used and touted Adams as safe for dogs of all ages. I started then and although have had to use another brands in a pinch, none has been as safe and effective as Adams. I threw out the Hartz.

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