Hartz product in Ukraine- flea and tick protection


I have a young laika dog aged 8 months. I recently bought in a shop a flea and tick protector from Hartz. I put the product as was mentioned in the product user’s guide. Now after 3 days I see that the fur of my dog seems fading from white to gray and at the place where I did put the product ( two tracks ) from the shoulders blade to the tail as the user’s guide ¬†mentioned also there are now two dark lines . I cannot understand where this grey and dark color comes from. It looks like dust on the structure of the hair?

I have been looking for feedback about Hartz products and found this website. I must say I am horrified reading the stories so far and I can only pray that the effects on my dog will disappear.

The chemical product they use which is Phenotrin seems to act as a poison ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phenothrin ) .The story of Hartz seems to be well-known in the USA but nobody in Europe have ever heard about it.


Could it be possible that Hartz products have such effects on animals? If so why is this company still allowed to sell the products ? It seems completly absurd and crazy. I especially bought the Hartz product since in my eye US products are better that Eu products!

If the fur is still looking gray I will go to see the vet but here in Ukraine they haven’t big means.However I will thouroughly wash my dog before.

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  1. well just to follow-up, I spent the worst horrible night in my life nd on the morning I rushed to the vet . He couldn’t understand what was happening to the dogs fur there had been some kind of chemical reaction with the hairs and the product.

    However he used some product and we washed thoroughly the dog and finally most the the strange ‘dust’ went away with the washing.

    Apparently I made a mistake which probably was a chance since I did put most of the product in the hair not in the skin ( and it seems that the product must be applied on the skin ) .The product was starting to make a chemical reaction on the top of the dog’s hair .Now all the product has gone and the fur looks well again.

    I really don’t know what is this sh.. I couldn’t imagine what it would have done on the skin of my dog.

    I also went to the shop and mentioned the website and they will remove the hartz products from the store.

    Thank you for this website , if I had not been looking to the website and went immediately to the vet , the chemical reaction with the fur may have gone worse and worse.

    I hope you make them stopping selling these products.

  2. I have been looking at all the sad stories about dogs and cats dying in agony after Hartz product was applied on them.

    I think I was lucky in that story because I did apply Hartz product on the hair not on the skin ( ukrainian notice was not very clear fortunately ) and because siberian laika dogs are strong and have natural protection on the skin and on the hairs to protect them from cold and from any damages .

    However I remember the night thinking I would loose my best friend. I was lucky but other pet owners were not so lucky.

    How can a firm be able to sell this poison?

    I donated a few money to the website and if I find any means I could collaborate in the future I will do it.

  3. Thank you for sharing your story. It’s very lucky that you missed the skin. This was a GOOD accident. Even though there was no pain in your beautiful dog, I’m still glad you brought him or her to the vet.

    I sincerely hope Hartz can be stopped from selling their poisonous products. Some pets are alright, but SO MANY are not.

    America pretends to have quality products, but think of this: Our organizations (USDA and FDA) that are supposed to protect us all from poison in our food, water, and air… accept money from companies, and allow all kinds of poisons into us.

    Many ingredients that are illegal in Europe and other countries, for being dangerous… are legal here. Every time scientists find these are poisonous, the USDA and FDA just ignore them and say “Well, OUR studies say it’s fine!” And we have so many health problems, both for humans and animals!

    This is why Hartz continues to poison and hurt and kill pets for so many years… why it’s so hard to stop them. The USDA and FDA are supposed to be our servants, and protect us and our pets. But instead, they just exist to get rich from chemical companies paying them to say “It’s ok, it won’t hurt you!”

    America is not such a great country, not at all… I keep doing everything I can to fix it, many of us do. But the government doesn’t listen to us, even though it’s supposed to. And things like this keep happening.

    I will keep fighting hard though. We all will. We will try our best to stop Hartz, and all the other poisonous companies too!

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