I almost became a victim

I am a victim of Pet Armor already they finally agreed to give me my money abck but I almost made the mistake of gettin this for my pets. Pet Armor made 5 cats loose hair. ages 1 2 7 10 and the youngest wont be a year til may 26 hes the worst. These over the counter meds shouldbe taken off

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  1. I have the solution to flea problems! We too were victims of Hartz, fortunately no one at our house died. However, flea problem waged on until we found a little bottle of gold! Brewer’s Yeast and Garlic with linoleic by NaturVet. It’s fan-freakin-tastic!!! No, it’s not a miracle product that works overnight, or even in a month, but it does work. You can use it on any animal, not cat/dog specific. It took about 6 weeks for all of the fleas to be gone in all 9 of our cats, but hey- we have a lot of cats! It’s safe to use on elderly as well as kittens- we have both. It’s a chewable tablet based on weight. If your cats/dogs don’t want to chew it, you can either crush it and mix it with a treat or use a pill pusher to get it down them- I need to do this with my older cats. One of the best features is that this stuff makes the lost hair grow back! The quality of the fur is thick, shiny, healthy and they seem to shed less. The action of the brewers yeast and garlic combined make the animals un-tasty to the fleas. The linoleic acid and omegas are just plain good for them. A bottle of 500 tablets is about $10. No chemicals or poisons. It’s the best $10 you’ll ever spend.

  2. I used Septiderm-V Skin Care Lotion and its helped the get hair back they dont itch. It was very effect in helpin undo whatpet armor did. PEOPLE BY NO MEANS IS PET ARMRO LIKE FROTNLINE PET ARMOR LIES ALOT. IF YOU SEE FRONTLINE PRODUCTS OUTSIDE OF YOUR VET DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT USE THEM FRONTLINE ONLY SELLS THIER PRODUCTS TO VETS IF YOU SEE THE PRODUCT IT IS NOT THE REAL THING AND CAN HARM YOUR PET. I ASKED FRONTLINE SUPERVISORS AS WELL AS MANAGERS THEY SAID AND I QUOTE It is Merial’s sales policy to sell our small animal products only where a veterinarian/client/patient relationship exists. Merial believes that the veterinarian is the only professional qualified to serve the health care needs of pets, the concerns of their owners and the appropriate use of our small animal products such as FRONTLINE Brand Products. They do not sell to anyone but the vets and they do not know how companies got the product but are going to look into. They advised not to purchase it from the stores

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