Health issues related to hartz?

I used Hartz flea and tick shampoo starting 4 months ago for 2 months and my dogs got 2 or 3 baths.  The past 2 months I have not used it.

Both my dogs are experiencing problems, they both became itchy and scratched their ear hair off, and one of my dogs had a localized skin infection(moist patch)  that cleared up easily(this is the reason I stop using hartz).  But these past 2 months they both have had an eye irritation, they were on meds for an eye infection and it helped clear up the eye boogers completely but they still have clear bumps on the conjunctiva, watery eyes, and inflammation which causes entropion in the dog with deep set eyes. The vet wanted to rule it an allergy but she saw both dogs separately and it was my error that the connection was not made that they both have the same illness. The vet is on vacation till thurs, then I hope to have them seen again.

My question is, has hartz caused eye issues? have problems lasted 2 months after discontinuation of the product?

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  1. I am really nervous right now after reading your post. I put the Hartz product on my dog a week ago. And, haven’t noticed any symptoms. I am at work and want to run home and give him a bath in Dawn right now to wash it off because of what I’ve read. His eye started bothering him last week, and the vet examined it and couldn’t find anything wrong. No bumps or scratched or debris. It just waters and he blinks a lot. She gave us antibiotic drops just in case there had been a scratch that was healing up. Now after reading your post, I don’t know if it could be the Hartz flea and tick drops. I had no idea this stuff was practically poison!

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