Forgot I had these business cards

I’m putting another stack of these in my wallet and will place them on the Hartz products that I find sold at the stores at which I shop.

7 thoughts on “Forgot I had these”

  1. I think that stickers should be made (and made avail for purchase) so that they can be put on Hartz and PetArmor products (backside of product/box?) with a big warning on it so that potential buyers can be made aware of the dangers (maybe even a QR code linking to this site, in addition to putting the web address for people to visit)…. just stick a roll in your bag/car and when you go into a pet store or supermarket take it with you and stick some on the products… I’m sure it would save a lot of pets and pet parents the heartbreak of sing their fur-kids suffer.

  2. This is a great idea, would it be possible to buy some of these from you to put up in my town and give out to my friends so they can put them up too? Please let me know, thanks 🙂

  3. Josh,
    I’m guessing you have already thought of this but how about starting a line of cards, stickers, bumper stickers, t-shirts,etc. for us to purchase and help spread the word? The sale of the products, after expenses (and I’d bet many would volunteer help with products…or someone who knows someone who…)could go to help the cause.
    I don’t have money (except enough to by these products!) but I do have time. I’d be proud to help anyway I can!

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