Hartz flea and tick drops

Yesterday I put some Hartz flea and tick drops on my Yorkie. She started acted strange almost immediatly. She has an extremem itch in the area that I put the drops. I bathed her and gave her some bendryl, but nothing seems to be helping. Here it is 4AM and I cannot sleep because of her distress. Can anyone help me out with this? One thing I have learned is to NEVER use Hartz products again.

I bought the Hartz Flea Collar for my Cat a few months ago..NEVER AGAIN!

My cat, Cali, had fleas..She didn’t have them too terribly so I thought that getting her a flea collar would help her out a little bit. Well, almost immediately after putting it on her, she started to SPAZZ OUT! She ran all over the place..At first I thought she just didn’t like it because I’ve never made her wear any sort of collar before. But, a few hours later, she was hiding.  I could not find her..She was hiding at the very top of my closet on top of some clothes..Anyways, she was acting very lethargic, and so, so strange! She was not herself at all…The next day I noticed she hadn’t drunk or eaten anything. I finally just took it off of her. Then I got on the internet, did some research and I was horrified at the stories people had about Hartz product. I now feel so guilty for making her wear that stupid thing, and I feel bad for letting my puppy have the Hartz Crunch ‘n Clean treats.

I can’t believe they continue to sell these “products”. I love my cat, and I am so very thankful that nothing too bad happened to her. Maybe I just caught it in time. Either way, I will never purchase anything that says Hartz on it ever again.
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My sweet Calibug