Hartz Ultra Guard flea drops

I just wanted to say THANKS to all of you who posted warnings about this product. I have a Papillion & noticed he had a couple fleas. I saw the Hartz Ultra Guard product at Target & thought I would try it because Hartz was a well-known brand. I applied it to my dog this morning & then thought maybe I should see how this product is rated online. I had NO IDEA it was a dangerous product!! I am so glad I ran across this website. I immediately called my vet & asked them what I should do. They said WASH IT OFF!! They said it is not a safe product & not effective either. I feel like an idiot for not doing research ahead of time. I am just thankful it was only on my dog for 1 hour. He seems to be fine right now. Needless to say I threw away all Hartz products (I had some old shampoo too) and will NEVER buy Hartz again!!!!! Wish there was a way to get this stuff off the shelves!!!!

3 thoughts on “Hartz Ultra Guard flea drops”

  1. Bought this instead of Frontline from the vet because I was in the store. If you care for your pet any DO NOT USE!!!!!!
    Within minutes my dog was acting crazy,foaming at the mouth. He not only still has fleas two days later but is still acting sick. Called the help line. They said to carry him to the vet. If I will do that they will refund my purchase price but not the vet call. Quote from their help lady. ” a reaction to these drop should be EXPECTED!! Please do not put your animal through this.

  2. I as well applied the monthly flea drop for my puppy. Eight hours later I found this website and was horrified at all I was reading. We immedietly bathed him twice. He had did not have any initial reactions which made me feel a TINY bit better, but for the next few days now I will be a nervous wreck. I regret the impulse buying this product at Petco without researching it! I pray he is ok.

  3. I am so glad I found this website, too. I’m so worried about my little guy now. I don’t know what I was thinking buying this stuff! I put it on him last week and didn’t notice any symptoms. I checked online for reviews about the product and was horrified. I immediately washed him. Now I want to go home and bathe him again. I hope he is ok!

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