Hartz UltraGuard caused my pup to break out in pustules

We recently started treating him for fleas and ticks since it became that season again.  About a day or 2 after we gave him a bath in the UltraGuard he broke out all over his stomach and chest and in his armpits.  They were itching him to death.  I tried benadryl and cleaning them along with neosporin.  Nothing helped so we took him to the vet.  Mind you we didn’t assume it was the shampoo quite yet.  We thought he had gotten into fireants so I also treated the whole backyard but couldn’t find a nest.  The vet prescribed over a $100 in meds alone.  He was just getting better when we thought to give him another bath which caused the problem to flare up again.  So we found the source of the allergic reaction now for sure and its Hartz UltraGuard in the citrus scent.  Never using Hartz products again.

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