Hartz Ultraguard drops

I wish I’d seen this site before I applied the flea-tick drops to my dog. She started going crazy and tried to bite her fur off. I searched the internet for info on Hartz products and found this site. I could not believe the stories here (and how true they must be). I also can’t believe Hartz continues to sell it’s products. I spent a couple hours hosing her down and she seems to be back to normal. Hope all is well with the other pets.

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  1. I’ve written about my own horror stories with Hartz last summer. Here’s an update: Don’t get your hopes up just yet. We have 6 cats and a dog, 2 of which continue to have issues. I put the flea spray on my pomeranian and oriental tabby months ago and they are still not back to normal. We had fleas in the home so we treated them with Hartz Ultra Spray, one formula for cats, one formula for dogs. Everything was fine with these 2 initially, had horrific events with the other animals we treated. About a month out, my pommie began with picking at her fur on her back. She is now bald from the middle of her back to just above her tail. The oriental tabby was fine until December, when he began doing the same thing as she. He too is bald from the middle of his back to just above his tail. I’ve contacted Hartz- they are idiots. The EPA took down my info and told me there could be further issues with these pets. How about we treat a few humans at Hartz and see how they fair after being poisoned???

  2. My Weimaraner Lucy experienced this. We put the HARTZ drops on her back and she was itchy and scratching ever since. White spots started developing and even some balding. We took her to the vet and were prescribed some anitbiotics and a specialized shampoo. She is getting better… the antibiotics are helping a lot. I too wish I would have read about this earlier. Spread the word everyone.

  3. I am so glad I found this site!!! I was just about to order the Hartzguard Ultra for my Morkie and Shih tzu/Lhaso. I saw a commercial at 2am advertising $19.95 for a 3-month supply. I guess it’s true…there’s no such thing as a free lunch!Thankfully, this site was just two links below their website. I am relieved. I would have been devastated had I made the mistake of defying their trust in me to take care of them! THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR POSTS AND FOR THIS WEBSITE!!! :-}

  4. I as well applied the monthly flea drop for my puppy. Eight hours later I found this website and was horrified at all I was reading. We immedietly bathed him twice. He had did not have any initial reactions which made me feel a TINY bit better, but for the next few days now I will be a nervous wreck. I regret the impulse buying this product at Petco without researching it! I pray he is ok.

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