Hartz Clean & Crunch cat treats

About 2 weeks ago I bought my cats some cat treats, normally I only give them a couple a week thats it. Last week my husband and I were going away for a week, I had a friend to check on the house so we just filled a water bowl and food dish that feeds them on their own. I gave them some treats, and since the bag was almost empty I set it on the counter.

We came home the bag of treats was all over the floor and empty. We also found vomit spots all over the floor, 3 days after we came home our cat started foaming at the mouth and wouldn’t drink. He is up to date in shots, so we knew it could be rabbies. Took him to the vet and the first thing he ask was what kind of treats we had given our cat.

I told the vet, they gave him a shot and said to keep an eye on him, as it was probably a slow allergic reaction and he was happy we brought him in.

Cat seems okay now, sleepy and cuddly (which our cat is not a cuddly cat, he hates being held). So hoping he gets back to himself in the next 24 hours or back to the vet.

I will never buy a Hartz product again!

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