On February 7 th I put hartz flea treatment on my 2 cat’s,within 10 minutes or less my 19 month old cat started to have seizures we rushed her to her Vet at which time he gave her 3 shots to try and counter act the flea product that evening she had to be hospitalized for 2 days and then was put on Phenobarb for her seizures. she was okay for about 5 days then started to have seizures again,we rushed her again to an emergency clinic where she stayed for the next 5 days, unfortunately we had to put her to sleep they couldn’t stop her seizures. This product kills and should not be on th market. all total me paid almost 2,00.00 dollars to try and save our baby but to noavail we lost her anyway. Our hearts are broken over this,I have called Hartz sent them copies of her medical bills but have not heard anything from them as of yet. I also contacted my local news channel.

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Mary Brainard

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