I have an Urgent question:

I have a question. My male 5 month old kitten is vomiting, not eating and has diarrhea. Could this be due to the fact that I put the 3 in 1 flea collar on him? Nothing else is wrong.

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  1. Why haven’t people gotten the message???? Hartz is harmful to our little loved ones. Please, and I am begging…don’t use anything from Hartz.

  2. Please take action–quickly. The advice of the other posters addressing your question is precisely correct.

    Hartz has a long documented record of injuring and killing companion pets–your pet is sick…take action!

  3. Wish I would have found this site earlier. Nothing has happened to my pets so maybe I am lucky. It’s been 4 days since I did the flea drops and I haven’t noticed anything yet.

    To the person posting the question I suggest next time you do some research and read the box. It clearly says on all the Hartz stuff I’ve looked at not to use it on young animals. I think it says 12 weeks but at the same time it should be a warning sign that young, lighter animals cannot process products like these.

    Hope your kitten recovers and please be more careful.

  4. Please stop using it immediately — ALL Hartz products are bad ! Go to Whole Foods and get lemongrass, clove, thyme, cinnamon, and peppermint oils, put in a solution of witch hazel, and you’ve got anti flea and tick spray ingrediens. I found this recipe in Sergeant’s Nature’s Guardian. Can’t remember where I got it though. Get a non toxic pet shampoo IMMEDIATELY, and give the kitten a washing where the collar was. Also, put salt [and possibly Selenium powder] on the area — it draws out the toxic chemicals. Do your research online — it will literally save you much money, time & grief. God our Father, please save this kitten’s life, and heal the little one immediately. May the kitten and his/her human companion have many, many years together. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

  5. REMOVE the collar immediately. Do as others have said. DO NOT USE HARTZ! Only get flea meds from your veterinary. Flea medicine and collars are POISON. How else would they be killing fleas. What’s happened is that they have put too much AND CONTINUE TO PUT TOO MUCH POISON in their product. It is killing cats and dogs. Flea Collars on KITTENS most always kills the kitten. You can buy ONE flea treatment at the veterinary for about $10. You don’t have to use it every month as it can be too expensive for some. And some is better then none. DO NOT GO CHEAP FOR YOUR PETS. This stuff has been on the market for many years. AND stores are still selling it. I had a kitten that almost died from it in 1993. That is when I found THIS SITE. People have been trying to get this stopped at least that long. Why is it our government is allowing this company to poison our pets? They have not tried to stop them from selling in the U.S.A.

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