Hartz flea and tick drops

Yesterday I put some Hartz flea and tick drops on my Yorkie. She started acted strange almost immediatly. She has an extremem itch in the area that I put the drops. I bathed her and gave her some bendryl, but nothing seems to be helping. Here it is 4AM and I cannot sleep because of her distress. Can anyone help me out with this? One thing I have learned is to NEVER use Hartz products again.

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  1. a few days ago my grandfather sprayed our maine coon lassie with hartz ultra guard plus flea and tick spray for cats. almost immeadiatly she stopped eating, lost weight, and her skin started to blister and bleed. my grandfather said she’ll probley die then he decided he would take her to the vet and get her checked out cause even if she will die we dont want her to suffer. hopefully she’ll pull through when (if) she survives we will never use any hartz products ever again!!!

  2. Same thing here. Today. I gave him 3 baths. you must dowse them with water. Then get food and water in (put broth into the water) so that they can metabolize the toxins. Then take them for walk or run in the park. The toxin seems to be a type of stimulant, so running is the best way to get out that energy and metabolize the toxin as well. He is still clawing at the floor.

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