The Cruelty of Hartz…

I have just gone through the most heart breaking experience of my life.  I lost my dear friend, my Coco, she was my daily companion that was with me all of the time.  Let me tell you my tragic story.

On Friday, Febuary 24, 2012, my husband bathed my cat Jinx with Hartz Ultra Guard Flea and Tick Shampoo for the first time. A couple of hours after the bath, Jinx began to walk strangly. His tail was stiff, straight, and pointed upward and both his hind legs were trembling and he had little mobility in them. The next morning, he wouldn’t eat nor was as active as usual, which concerned me. I decided to take Jinx to the vet, but unfortanantly, it was closed. I returned home ,worried about Jinx and about what was possibly wrong with him,so I decided to search his symptoms and I got links to the website. I began to read the tragic stories and made the “connection”.

Not only was my Jinxy terribly sick, but my Coco had died two weeks prior after also being bathed with the Hartz shampoo. Coco’s death had come so suddenly and it was a mystery, until Jinxy’s reaction to the shampoo. I now can put closure to Coco’s death and can use this expirience to advise others about this DEADLY EVIL POISONOUS SHAMPOO.

Coco, I love you and will miss you always, you are an angel in doggie heaven

-Your mommy, Patricia and 8th period VMS students. </3

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