My boxer has lost fur because I used Hartz shampoo!!!

I just got back from the veterinarian’s office. I thought that my dog had symptoms of mange so I took him to the doctor to see why his fur was falling out. After the scrape/blood tests came back negative, the vet questioned me about when I first noticed the symptoms so that she could determine what else it could be.¬†The only thing I could think of was that ¬†last week I bathed my dog and it was a bit weird that¬†once his coat dried, he was excessively itchy. His skin was crawling and he also made a lot of whining noises. I thought that perhaps the shampoo was a little strong and that it dried out his skin a bit.¬† Two days later my boxer’s hair was falling out in tufts. I did not attribute this new problem of bald spots with the use of the new shampoo I used on my dog. Instead I suspected it was mange.¬† I thought that it had to be mange because fur does not just fall away like this.¬†After the veterinarian determined that¬†it was¬†not mange,¬†she said that it sounded to her¬†like De Niro was having an allergic reaction. She asked me what brand of shampoo I had used and I told her that¬†I used Hartz – Groomer’s Best Oatmeal Shampoo. At hearing me say that, she slapped her forehead and¬†advised me that Hartz has a long history of denying that their products have caused pets to die. She told me to never, EVER, use Hartz products ever again.¬† My poor doggy. I’m sorry that I didn’t know that before I used Hartz on him.

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  1. Yes. The vet prescribed a shampoo called Pyoben that flushes out the fur/hair follicles. It cured him of his bald spots with jusst a few applications. Good luck….sorry about what’s happening to your pet.

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