Just gave both my cats a Hartz flea bath yesterday because I saw one flea…..

I just gave both of my cats a Hartz flea bath yesterday and now I’m so upset and wondering if there is anything that can be done.  I have read all of these stories and I wish that I had read these before I found that ONE flea.  One of my cats seems perfectly fine but the other one my male Milo seems to be in pain meowing and is shaking when he walks.  I called my vet and they said to give him a bath in Dawn, which I did but he is shaking and I’m scared.  I called a 24 hour vet but they just said they could monitor him and possibly give fluids.  I have read such awful stories about this wishing I didn’t bathe them.  I must tell you also that they have been bathed in this previously with no issues.  The same container but this time he had a reaction.  What I though was going to be good for my cats is becoming a nightmare.  I really hope he recovers.

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