I hope my cat will be okay

Yesterday, around 5pm I gave my 6mo kitten, Kahlua, ¬†Sergeant’s GOLD Squeeze-On for cats and kittens.. immediately after applying it I got a really bad feeling about it so I decided to research the product. (I had read the label and it does state the possible side effect as: “sensitivities may occur after using ANY pesticide product for pets. blah blah blah”.. it doesn’t state specific side effects.. just sensitivity¬†which is very ambiguous) Upon researching I found this website and immediately became sickly worried and gave Kahlua a thorough bath with cat shampoo and dawn soap, rinsing thoroughly. I haven’t noticed any adverse side effects yet, and it is 2pm, she does seem to be a little more tired than usual but if i prod her enough she will get up and play and she has eaten normal amounts of food/water. I sincerely hope that she does not have any reactions and it is horrible that this product (and others) are still on the shelves, especially without stating the actual possible side effects of them! I work at Target and am going to talk to my store manager to see what I can do about getting these products off of the shelves! I am sorry for everyone’s loss due to these poisons… It truly breaks my heart.

3 thoughts on “I hope my cat will be okay”

  1. Hello,

    Today I used the same exact product you did and my cat had the same symptoms. I took him to the vet and they said he was fine, but I think he is still acting very, very strange.

    I saw that you wrote this in February and I am curious to know what happened to your cat?? Did she get better?

  2. She recovered within a few days and is as healthy as ever now! Thank God! I was so worried…. I hope your cat is ok too

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