My Hartz nightmare

This story came in via email from Patrice:

“On Friday I bought hartz ultra guard pro flea & tick drops for my two cats in walmart. I put the drops between the shoulder blades
of each of my cats. For some reason immediately after the application my curiosity brought me online to research this hartz product I had just applied. I was in total disbelief after reading all the horrific reports about hartz. Immediatly after reading I thoroughly washed the oil (poison) from both of my cats necks with dawn dish soap, rinsed & went to bed.

“The next morning I noticed Hoatzin (pronounced Watson) the love bug one was nowhere to be found. When I found him he was shaking his back legs as if he had something stuck to them. This went on all morning with all his limbs shaking. I phoned several vets that were closed for the weekend & ended up bringing him to the vet ER only after giving him a second bath to remove more oil from his neck & coat. The vet was concerned & shook his head in a familiar manor, telling me this is “poison”. After performing a series of physical tests the vet concluded he has neuro damage which could get worse, could be permanent or go away I have to wait & see.

“Fast forward to present time (Tuesday) he has bounced back to his normal self. I’m not sure why the medicine did not have the same effect on Ha’ Penny (my other kitty). That said it’s not worth the gamble to see if its going to effect your pets health or not.
This was a traumatic experience. Makes me so sad & angry that this product is available on the shelves for consumers to buy in order to protect their animals from little pests (fleas) that won’t kill them. Bottom line my cat was harmed due to Hartz.”

6 thoughts on “My Hartz nightmare”

  1. Same thing happened with my kitty. I wish I had found this before I had applied the dose as well. He has stopped shaking his back legs as well. Thank you so much.

  2. Hi, just wondering if your cat that was shaking its legs was ever treated with any particular medicine? I gave my dog hartz flea drops and he cant walk. I am happy to see that he recovered, just wondering how long it took? My dog has been dealing with this problem for 3 weeks now. Any advice would help. thanks!

  3. Same thing here I apples the drops to my 3 cats on Monday because our 3rd one
    It’s a new addition and she was full of fleas , but the older one (3 years ), yesterday threw up and has been avoding food and hiding. I’m so scared and crying. My husband it’s always against those medications and argues with me ( I always answer they are safe other wise they would be on the store ) I can’t believe how wrong I was .

  4. To Saravjo, I am sorry to hear about whats happening to your cat. Its an awful thing to go through, and that product has been around so long, who’d think it was poisoness ?? I felt so bad when my Tigger died, and I felt responsible, but its that damn companies fault for selling a flea product that uses such harsh chemicals.

  5. Those are all neurological symptoms. If your pet lives through the onslaught..hopefully he/she will recover. Worst part is there is really no quick fix for these things (seizures,shakes, hyper-salivation, etc.) It takes time to recover.

  6. DO NOT USE THIS POISON AT ALL!! Hartz should have a huge class action lawsuit on their hands for injuring and killing peoples pets. My cat is OK now, after washing off the POISON and several days of being sick. Not to mention the guilt for putting that crap on my cat and hurting her!! HERTZ YOU GUYS ROYALLY SUCK, TO PUT IT MILDLY!!!

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