I used Hartz flea medicine on my cat and it gave her a seizure

The other day i use hartz ultra guard, onespot flea egg and flea larve on my cat. then today she was laying in the floor while i was on my bed and she stood up and started meowing verly loud, and i looked at her and her head was jerking from side to side and she couldnt keep her balance. i was so scared i didnt know what to do, i just made sure she wasnt hitting anything with her head. after about 5 mins she stoped and was fine, i wasnt about to risk anything so i called the vet. They told me to bring her in for them to look at her immediately. when i arrived the first thing they noticed was where she had the flea medicine on her and asked what brand it was, i didnt think it could have been the medicine so i couldnt remeber the brand i had used. but after the check up the vet said to make sure i washed her with dawn then again with cat shampoo. when i got home and gave her the two baths i looked at the flea medicine and it was hartz..so i looked the name up online and i noticed that i wasnt the only one that has had this problem with this brand…………so thanks to hartz i had to suffer thru watching my cat have a seizure and not know what was happening or what to do, and pay a $89 vet bill

 heres a picture of Kitty before the hartz problem


8 thoughts on “I used Hartz flea medicine on my cat and it gave her a seizure”

  1. Hartz claims this product contains s-methoprene as the only active ingredient. Yet, there is obviously something else in the 97.1% unlisted ingredients that caused this cat and it’s owner pain and suffering, not to mention a hefty Vet bill.

  2. Does anyone have a list of other ingredients. Methoprene is used in frontline and generally considered safe….. Why is hartz killing?

  3. My kitties got fleas while staying in a motel, money was extremely tight, so, on 3, 12.6 lbs, 8.4 lbs, and 9.8 lbs I dosed them, per package directions with Sergeants Gold. 9.8 had heat and swelling at the dosage location, and product did not work. 8.4, product ineffective at killing fleas…. and, 2 days following dosing, 12.6 went down, became depressed, uncoordinated and lacked motor control- floppy. On the 3rd day, she has been washed. Hoping beyond hope that she recovers from this. 66% adverse reaction, and 100% failure rate should be unacceptable. By everyone, including the EPA.
    The other cats, received Fipronil and S-methoprene (Frontline Plus) dosed down to their specific weights (20+ and less than 10). Check the internet or with a rescue group for instruction on how to use- effective, 24 hours later, no adverse reaction in 4 other cats- and way way way cheaper, both financially, and cruelty wise, than ANY Hartz or Sergeant labeled product!!!! DO NOT USE THESE PRODUCTS ON YOUR ANIMAL(s)!!!!!!!

  4. I have or should I say I had, two indoor cats. I used the hartz ultra flea drops on them. Within two days later, I found one of my cats dead on the floor. Two days later, I found the other cat dead on my floor. I am so upset over this. Both my cats dead in two days. Oh my, what am I going to do from here? Somwonw should be held accountable for this product. I mean two healthy cats just don’t up and die, not both of them, and it was right after I put this product on them. I’m so angry.And hurt, and I feel lost without my babies. Please, do not use this product. Take care. And god bless. Tracy Snyder from martin,Ga.

  5. I bought the Seargents flea collar for Tigger, and 2 daysa later ahe was throwing up and had no bowel control. I took it off him, and 3 days later he is back to his normal self. Thank goodness. I bought Hartz flea collars for my dogs , and they both had sever reaction, 1 of my dogs is still throwing up. I took off all their collars and bagged them.Any one have ideas on how I can help my dog thats throwing up?

  6. I too used Hartz flea and tick collar on my cat. I put it on him on Monday evening, and around midnight he started to drool and twitch uncontrolably. The seazure didn’t last long, but it scared me to death. I took him to the vet very next day, he was given a bath, and medicine: phenobarbital 30mg. 3 days later and he still has seazures, and is very lethargic. The seazures are more frequent and while he has them he urinates. After the seazure he goes straight for food and water. Is he going to br ok? How long will the seazures last? Will they ever subside? Are there any homeopathic remedies that will ease his suffering?

  7. I too gave my cat hartz platinum. I was warned not to use this to my cat. Money is tight and can’t afford expensive meds so I didn’t have much choice! After giving this to her she started foaming at the mouth then went into a seizure! This company needs to get sued for all the damage they have done to peoples pets!! Do not use any of these products on your pets PLEASE! If you value your pets life DO NOT USE THIS CRAP!! IT WILL HURT OR KILL YOUR PET!! I see a class action lawsuit in the makings!!!!!
    HARTZ. YOU. SUCK!!!! ^ – ^

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