Our Golden Retriever Louie died from Hartz Rope Toy

About 7 years ago, My daughter and I got a beautiful beloved Golden Retriever Louie we adopted at 9 months, about 6 months after our 10 year old beloved Golden Retriever Mona died of Cancer. I loved buying Louie toys he would get so excited. I went & bought him a Hartz Nylon Rope Toy. Little did I know that the quality was so bad, he was able to Ingest It & the rope entangled In his stomach & intestines, and the nylon swelled up when he ate dinner that night & he died two days later. I had not known he ate It, until My daughter & I saw him spewing bowel with string In It & the Vet did ex rays.¬† I have had dogs my whole life and rope toys were never an issue, never¬† able to be actually eaten, and not of this poor quality Hartz put out, my first (Hartz toys) a bad Imitation Kong by Hartz too. After 2 Vet appointments & on the way to the 3rd visit he died on the back seat of my daughter car while we were driving to see a new vet, he stopped breathing. The Vet informed me to be careful of Pet products out there, In my naiveness of actually thinking then that they were safe because the company sold them for your Pets enjoyment (now I know better) I owe It to you, to beware & to Louie’s honor when his life was cut short (1 &1/2 years old) I want to let you know I will never PURCHASE a Hartz product, much less look at one, I get ILL every-time I pass a store aisle with Hartz toys for sale. I love my Pets, but now I spoil them with everything good, and never again will use any Hartz product. This Is In In Honor of Our Sweet Louie Booie who’s life was cut short by a Hartz Nylon Rope Toy. We loved you Louie your with Mona now, even though you were just a pup.

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