Could it be it???

I saved a 2 years old dogs from a rescue a few months ago. I had one other rescue and they got fleas. I bought Hartz flea shampoo anspray…Since then, she’s been itching extremely…She lost a lot of fur due to the extrem itching…Went to the vet and he couldn’t tellement what was wrong with her…He gave me antibiotics and cortisone…The last one helped but as soon as we stopped it, she began itching again….Also she seems to be drinking a lot…..she can drink 3 bowls per day…She also lost weighteven if ¬†she seems to be eating…I know I must see a vet but is there anything else I can do to help her???

3 thoughts on “Could it be it???”

  1. I’ve heard of extreme mange cases that have similar symptoms. ive heard “ivomectin” (not sure of spelling) helps and kills the mange.

  2. The person with the dog that is drinking 3 bowls of water and is losing weight probably has diabetes. Should be taken to the vet. All the Best.

  3. Have you given the dog Chicken jerky dog treats?
    Something in Chicken jerky dog treats (all brands made in China) are suspect, and results in the same symptoms as diabetes. (Excessive water drinking, etc.) FDA is looking into it, but not in a big hurry. Only issued a warning, not a recall.
    Very dangerous.
    Google: Chicken jerky dog treats

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