Don’t use Sentry Natural Flea and Tick drop either

In the hopes of finding a less toxic product, one that doesn’t use the pyrethrin based pesticides that many of the products do, I tried the Sentry Natural Flea and Tick drop. $500 dollar mistake!! Immediately following my application of the product to my cat she became very lethargic. I suspected something to be wrong right away so I attempted to wash off as much of the product as possible… obviously not enough. Over the last couple of days she has had a lost of appetite, been unable to maintain body temp and has been in a general malaise.

Today, approximately one week after the treatment, she all but collapsed. We rushed her to the pet emergency center. She had sings of abdominal tenderness, but in addition she was also very sensitive at base of her tail. The vet as an precautionary measure suggested xrays to rule out any possible trauma and to see if there was any internal bleeding. That all came back clear, but during the xray she urinated bloody urine.

With the xray showing nothing and bloody urine the Doctor could only speculate that she either had a Urinary Tract Infection or was dealing with acute poisoning. At that point I contacted the manufacturer “Sergeant” where I was connected with a Veterinary Tech at first and then later a Veterinary Toxicologist. Nothing concrete was said from the distributer, but the level of attention I received leads me to believe that I am not the first caller.

So now, after spending $500 at the vet, my cat received a bath in Dawn dishwashing fluid (the same soap used to wash oiled wildlife), is on a fluid regiment, will be receiving antibiotics twice daily at a dose of 125cc of Amoxicillin and is still barely able to stand.

It is utterly outrageous and completely inexcusable that a company produce a product which contains a know poison to an animal. When I spoke with the toxicologist at the ASPCA they asked if she has consumed Antifreeze in the same sentence as asking about peppermint oil.

Please consider twice before purchasing this item!

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