Thought flea collars were safe :(

I thought flea collars were safe, until last night when my cat Sam wanted me to hold him. I turned him over on his back to rub his belly, and seen that around his collar had NO hair! If I had done my research before buying flea meds I would have stayed away from Hartz. Luckily the vet says that we took it off of him quickly enough, and we gave him a bath with Dawn dish soap. She said that he will be OK as long as he doesn’t start with the Diarrhea and Vomiting.

Sam & Hartz flea collar

Unsafe Dog Treats

We recently purchased Hartz “Oinkies Pig Skin Twists” for Dogs. We gave our dog one of these treats and she had a seizure! She has never had one before and has not had one since. I read your packaging and see that these treats are MADE IN CHINA. I don’t know what toxins are in them, but we will never buy, use or recommend Hartz products again! I am aware that there are absolutely no controls on the absolute crap that comes from China! I can’t believe that Hartz would sell this poison from China! All I we can hope is that the word gets around and they will eventually be out of business!

5 months of hell due to hartz.

earlier in the summer of 2011, my husband and I treated our gorgeous 6 month old black tri working Australian Shepherd with one dose of hartz flea dip. within a week her chewing and scratching was off the charts, she had huge fleas, and her fur was falling out by the handfuls.  just touching her to pet her would make her fur snap and break off, and her first bath after that had my husband and I in tears over that fact her beautiful 4-5 inch long gorgeous fur was just gone from her rear, her legs and her back…  This proceeded to turn into hundreds of dollars worth of frontline, vet visits, various styles of E-collars, nutritional supplements to target the skin problems, and a drastic change in lifestyle and activities not doing as much outside and avoiding giving her baths unless needed as her skin was so bad. we’ve been fighting her to get her fur back ever since, and only with daily doses of fresh salmon oil, protein mix, vitamins, And Taste of the wild dog food had she started to slowly recover… and then. she got fleas. again. my husband brought them home from work. she immediately started attacking her skin again and by morning time had destroyed any and all fur that had tried to come back. I contacted my vet again since i could not use any further flea dip products on her due to her skin being inflamed.  (She had never ever had any problems before hartz, never chewed, and had no allergies.) my vet gave me comfortis flea pills to try. WITHING 30 MINUTES her scratching and unbearable chewing had stopped and withing 6 hours there were no signs of fleas on her at all.  I have never seen anything like it and in the past two weeks her fur has started to come back, her skin is clear, and she is not chewing or scratching. I am in love with this product and I HIGHLY recommend it to any fellow sufferers who still are fighting fleas with their dogs not recovering from the hartz. Its a long road but i believe we’re finally on the way to recovery. I sympathize with those owners of beloved pets who were killed by this product and I hope those still recovering will start to see a road of hope like I have.


Never had problems

We have 2 cats and 1 dog and we have used hartz products before on all of our animals without ever having any problems. I stumbled across this website today after buying another flea collar for one of my cats because I had heard about one of the flea products harming animals and I wanted to double check to make sure it wasn’t the one I purchased today. I have read many post from different people and read some horrible and painful stories. I am such an animal person and love all types of animals my heart was breaking for all the victims of these hartz products. After reading some posts I immediately took off the collar and threw it in the trash along with shampoos we had in our house. We personally have never had any issues with these products but because of everyone elses horrific stories I will not be purchasing any more hartz products in the future and I believe this company needs to be shut down and all of their products need to be removed off of all shelves!