I was babysitting a 6 month old kitten named Scamper and he had a 3 in 1 hartz flea collar on. It was put on him the day he came to my house. The next day he couldn’t walk, and had a severe lack of brain function. He also refused to eat and drink for 4 days after the collar was removed. I washed the kittens neck and my 6 month kitten Bynx tried to lick the other kittens neck. Today Bynx won’t eat or drink. Bynx has trouble walking and has a loss of brain function. I’m so scared. I hope he makes it. The kitten i’m babysitting is eating now but is still having alot of trouble walking and the motor skills are still at very low level.


  1. Did you take the kitten to the vet? Did the vet determine that the kitten’s inability to walk was definitely caused by the flea collar? If so, do you have documentation of that diagnosis? Can you put that documentation on the web for all of us to see? have you contacted Hartz and informed them of your kitten’s malady?

  2. I to purchased a hartz flea and tick collar to repel and prevent for my cat and he`s a year old. The collar litterally burned his neck, to where the fur used to be you now see skin. I have never seen anything like this before. guarenteed I will not use another flea collar of any brand on my cat again.

  3. I just had my 10 month old kitten into the vet today because he was having seizures, was not urinating or having bowel movements, nor walking or eating or drinking. He had a Hartz flea collar on. We ended up having to put him down because his organs were all shutting down. The vet said that it was all caused by the flea collar 🙁 How do you explain to a 5 year old little girl that her kitty is dead because you didn’t want him to have fleas!?! WTF!!!

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