Concerned and surprised

I’m going to keep my eye on my cat. Oh gosh.
But I’m glad this site is here with so many people willing to share their stories.
My cat showed signs of fleas all of a sudden, but my local pet store was out of frontline for cats. I figured I’d get a quick fix and get a Hartz flea collar at the big grocery store near-by.
She was not happy about a collar, which is to be expected. But, she licked at her neck a few times, got a spacey look, then went into the closet. Very weird behavior for my cat, rambunctious as she is! I googled “flea collar lick” and this was one of the top sites listed. Well, after reading some of these stories, i immediately took off the collar and threw it out. Bernice got out of the closet, but she still seems a little off. Hopefully it wasn’t on her long enough to do damage, but at least i know the warning signs of poisoning. She ate and played with one of her toys, but now i just feel so worried. I hate to think of others who, like me, trust what’s put on shelves to be safe.

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