Two cats die in less than one month

Both of my cats, Tasha & Beaux were healthy. ¬†They had gotten fleas, Tasha’s was worse¬†than Beaux’s. ¬†My son gave her a flea bath and within 24 hrs. ¬†she was gone. This was on January 3rd, 2012. ¬†I didn’t know why. ¬†About two and a half weeks later Beaux’s fleas were seriously intense. ¬†My daughter-in-law has two other cats that live with us and said I use Hartz One Spot Flea drops on my cats I will put some on them all. ¬†My Beaux died in less than 24 hrs. at the vets office. ¬†He had seizures and went into respiratory failure on January 26th, 2012. ¬†I did not make the connection until after he had passed. ¬†My son used Hartz flea shampoo on Tasha. ¬†We need to get this stuff off of the market before another animal dies. ¬†I am broken hearted and angry at the same time. ¬†This is a horrible travesty.

One thought on “Two cats die in less than one month”

  1. Its really sad that this company sells all of these products & they’re all so deadly. I read that you used flea shampoo on 1 cat & flea drops on another, and both died from those products. Its not right !!!! I wish I had taken just 5 minutes to google this stuff before I used it on my cats. Tigger became sick & died from it, and thankfully my other 2 cats were ok. They’re different breeds, and appearently some breeds can handle their poison, while others cannot. They should remove this stuff from sales & the EPA should be ashamed of themselves for not stopping this brand of flea products. I just don’t understand.

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