My mistake

I never knew that there was actual medicine that would do something to a harmless, playful animal, just like mine. I read the directions and precautions on EVERY part of the box of “Sergeant’s Silver” flea killer, and none of it said that it would cause as much of a shock as it did to me tonight. I gave my cat, Holly, the medicine around 9:30 pm. And maybe a hour passed and she began throwing up, it was a horrible sight. She left big chunks of throw up all over the bed. And when she was finished, she ran to the living room because of the shock she was in. That’s when I realized it had to have been the medicine. Then I seen Holly begin to drip drool out from her mouth and twitching. I was so terrified. My husband pointed a light towards her face and we seen foam forming around her mouth. We took her a very cleansing bath, we scrubbed very hard. Right now it’s 1:25 am. and she ate a little bit of chicken and drank a bit of water, and she is laying on the couch in front of me, fine as she was before I gave her the medicine. I trust that she will be better than ok when she wakes up. DO NOT BUY “SERGEANT’S SILVER FLEA KILLER!!” Take it off store selves EVERYWHERE..

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