HARTZ waterless shampoo

I just used the HARTZ waterless shampoo for cats on my 1 year old male cat about five hours ago. Now he is having seizures and cannot walk straight. He has never shown these signs before and this has been going on for about four hours. I have washed him to try and get the shampoo off him and I am praying he makes it since I live in a small town and there are no emergency vet offices in a 50 mile radius and its now one in the morning. I found this site trying to figure out what could be wrong with him and now I have found it.

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  1. update: I bathed him lastnight in DAWN dish soap and he is alot better today. He is moving a little slow but not siezing. When I bathed him he was to weak from the siezures to even fight me. I am glad he is okay though. I couldnt make it without my baby.

  2. I had also used the waterless shampoo once and a young kitten I had. He instantly began vomiting and foaming at the mouth, at the same time going totally limp and motionless. I washed it off the best I could ASAP and afterwards (wish I would have sooner) read the ingredients. Realized one of the first ingredients is either. Why on Earth would either be a good idea?

  3. I wish I could give this no stars, it works well in that my cat shed a lot less and smelled better after use. But I noticed after I used it twice on my cat, she threw up twice in one week and exhibited a more clumsy way of walking and jumping. Definitely would not recommend to someone who cares for their cats health.

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