Hartz UltraGuard killed my dog

The weekend before Thanksgiving I noticed a flea on my 15 year old miniature poodle Duncan. I went to Wal-Mart and being November in Wisconsin, the pickings were a bit slim, and the only thing available for his weight range was Hartz Ultra Guard. I gave him the dose along his back as instructed.

Until this point, he had been in good health for a 15 year old…he was a little stiff sometimes but he was still very active and outgoing. He would jump up on my lap with ease, still played with his squeaky toys, and I felt he had years left on his life. Unfortunately, I made the horrible mistake of choosing Hartz that day.

The day I gave him that poison was the last day he played with his toys or was ‘in good health’. It started with massive diarrhea and vomiting, and on the third day he had a seizure. That’s when I googled Hartz Ultra guard and found this site. I immediately bathed him, but by then the Hartz poison had been on his skin for three days and the damage was done. He never recovered. Over the next few weeks the diarrhea continued off and on, he refused to eat or drink and became very lethargic. I kept hoping he would get better but he just kept declining.

This last week we had to force fed/water him, he could barely hold himself and collapsed after a few steps if he tried to walk. He was suffering. It was time to let him go, and today our Vet put him to sleep in my arms, three days before Christmas. NOBODY should have to go through that just because they were trying to keep fleas off their dog. I thought I was HELPING him by giving him Hartz Ultra Guard. Instead it killed him.

I can’t imagine how the people at Hartz can sleep at night, knowing there is case after case of their products killing innocent pets. I had Duncan since he was a puppy, over 15 years of my life, and I have no doubt he would be alive and snuggled next to me right now if it hadn’t been for Hartz Ultra Guard POISON.

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  1. oh my gosh i am so sorry…. last night we bathed my sisters dog with the flea and tick shampoo… then had to rush him to the animal e.r. his blood sugar was over 300. and now its too low to even read. We read the symptoms that this shampoo was giving other dogs. and we now know what caused it, and can only hope Tucker gets better. after all he is only an 8 month old pomapoo. We used to use hartz on my puppy. our dogs are brothers as a mater of fact. and after reading this, i refuse to use any of their merchandise on my dog. & I will inform every one i know about this.. and our local walmart is taking their products off their shelfs!

  2. Harts pduducts are extremely dangerous to your pet, please do not buy or even worse SELL their products

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