Hartz Destroys Hearts

Recently i found a kitten about 2 months by the look of her and i took her in as my own.It was late and my car was broken so I walked to the nearest place i could.When i arrived i looked at the cheapest flea medicine and i saw Hartz so i took it.A few nights after i applied it little Sophie began acting weird .She seemed sluggish and would not eat in fact when i put her by her food she sat in it and laid down in ita few minutes later.So i took her to the vet.When we where done checking her up she had fallen asleep again and the vet told me that she had her skin poisoned by the medicine i gave her.He took her into overnight care and the next day i came to get her she was slower then before .He told me she would most likely be fine so i took her home.That night she slept in my bed and she began mewing loudly sounding like she was in pain.That night she died in my arms i felt the life drain out of her.It pained me to feel that and now little Sophie is buried in my backyard under a headstone which reads “Little Sophie rest in paradise Hartz Destroyed yours and my heart that night i put it on you….i am sorry” Warning to anyone who uses these products it with destroy your pets and leave you in grief .If i had fond this website sooner i would never have been without my Little Sophie.

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  1. Just an FYI (& I’m sorry about your loss!!) but it isn’t recommended to apply ANY flea treatment to a puppy/kitten under the age of 12 weeks old because they are so sensitive to chemicals so that could also be a factor. Even on packaging for puppy/kitten flea treatments, it says DO NOT apply under the age of 12 weeks.

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