What Now?!?

I am horrified now that I learned that I just put something extremely toxic and LETHAL on this cat. Last night I found a stray cat at my barn and took him home. I have always owned cats before but am away at college so I didn’t have anything set up. Also I have never dealt with medical concerns with the animals (except horses). I forgot to pick up flea and tick medication for him when I was shopping for necessities and only realized it at 3:00 am after I had gotten done bathing him and saw that he had a huge amount of ticks all over his body. I ran out to CVS the only place open and bought the only product they had which unfortunately was Hartz. Not knowing anything about the dangers I followed the directions and applied it. Thank GOD the cat isn’t showing any symptoms and has a good appetite BUT I wanted to check and be sure that I can use other products now that I have used that on him (obviously not until next month). My mom said something about not being able to mix products…is that true? Thank you so much for any help! I’m calling CVS in the morning and telling them that they will lose my business if they do not remove Hartz from their shelves. All of you should do the same!

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