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I noticed a few fleas on my 12 week old kitten and I went to wal mart and saw the hartz flea collars for cats and kittens so I picked one up for convienance. It had been on him for about 2 days and he began acting very sluggish and stopped eating. It was a saturday and there are no vets open on the weekend where I live so I started looking up stuff on the internet. I stumbled across this website by accident, I never thought it could be a flea collar that is so readily available. I immediately took it off him and threw it away, as well as some hartz flea shampoo that I had for my dog. It’s been about 12 hours since I took it off of him and there’s already been dramatic improvement. He’s eating and running around and playing with everything in sight. We’re still going to see the vet monday morning but thanks to this website he’s acting like my sweet playful baby again.

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